1. lillia b-k says

    That man made a great theme park

  2. Frexicorn says

    My uncle's seat broke xD

  3. Misspaws ** says

    I don't know if I like this ride or not tbh it makes me feel.sick when u r waiting at the top

  4. I cAnT ThInK oF a UseRNaMe!1!! says

    It’s sooooo much fun but definitely do not speak at the top because when it goes down if your still speaking you can’t breathe, it happened to me.

  5. Eva Plowman says

    A girl got stuck on it today her seat lock wouldnt let go of her

  6. blue_dexter 0 says

    It was so scary when I went on it

  7. Mel Martin says

    I want on it yesterday and I loved it but when I got off I legit fell over

  8. desertdispatch says

    they had one at Primm Nevada called the turbo drop….now not in use

  9. N M says

    "With some more pleasure you can measure"……… Sounds like a slogan for a dildo.

  10. Ross Patzelt says

    haha love this!

  11. Abandoned Channel says

    Are those smiley pants he's wearing? XD

  12. Mystic Fix DIY says

    really good . great for adrenaline seekers

  13. Lottie Mattless says

    I went on it with school today and I had a fit on it

  14. AllyMsp X says

    Thsi thing is crazy as hell! I came off the seat completely

  15. iiLlamacat_YT says

    its scary ive been on it lol

  16. Tamzin Marie says

    +michael chick
    Umm this ride is built in the ground….. O_O this isnt a travelling funfair its a theme park like chessington and thorpe

  17. Rachael Caitlyn says

    I felt like i was falling out of the seat! XD

  18. JkaProductions12 says

    Went on that today what myself but I'm only young 😀

  19. JordyHunter389 says

    Went on that today

  20. Jazz says

    U can c the sea!

  21. Jazz says

    I went on today its epic!

  22. Charlotte goacher says

    i went there yesterday, it's fine. You should have seen my mums look on the face, it was hillarious

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