1. Somnus Waltz says


  2. Johnny TransAM says
  3. Gabriel Aderre says

    I want that Gay Pimp shirt! And that boy in the yellow jock. 😜

  4. Alan Wong says

    Listen to The Medic Droid – Tease and find the similarity

  5. Mouse Pounder says

    This could stand to be about 14% more gay.

  6. Carrie Smith says

    I like to casual refure to this song and people dont get it. They dont like to be dirty

  7. GravityLee says

    If i ever do cam shows it will be to this song

  8. generation X says

    Is this theJohnny McGovern from Hey Qween?

  9. A. Red says

    I remember he performed the song on The Ricki Lake Show

  10. Kilorat says

    I still often say "nothing wrong with helping a buddy out", even if nobody now probably gets the reference. I wonder if there's an HD version of this out somewhere because I can't find it.

  11. Jozze Qu says

    This came out when I was 16 and I saw it in a gay blog themed. Watching it now brong back so many memories

  12. FiftyShadesofInformation says

    This video makes me support the death penalty (for whoever thought of this)

  13. Tyler King says

    Memories… Haha. I feel like I downloaded this video on WinMX and it took like two days.

  14. Ian Kolbinskie says

    no soccer practice during COVID 🙁

  15. Tara Anderson says

    Nope. It NEVER gets old!

  16. J G says

    900k views and 512 comments. Just putting that ratio out there

  17. Terrance Fry says


  18. sueño y miel. says

    i still have this song on my 3rd generation ipod touch. <3

  19. Victor Mendoza says

    Who are the two cheerleading queens? What happened to them?? I wanna know 🥺

  20. tonydaletony says

    Anyone here not gay but here because they like the song? I like Jonny's music if you need to label me go ahead, I guess…

  21. Martine Shamzin says

    Still cracks me up

  22. tlw1950 says

    This is the old guy on Hey Qween????????

  23. Skiles says

    When you think about it, there's almost nothing more manly than two dudes fucking.

  24. James Mckee says

    Ewwww jesus gross!!

  25. D. Alex Kablack says

    The year was 2004, I was a 14 year old boy playing flight simulator online through Microsoft's Zone, some sort of online gaming platform. Another young male from Australia found me on MSN Messenger, he also a hobbyist of flight simulator.

    He sent me a link to this song, I was very confused about what I was looking at.

    16 years later I found this song again…and now I understand

  26. Brittany Hinckley says


  27. random dude says

    gay people existed way back in 2006 ? i though gay people where invented in 2010?

  28. Samuel Stoner says

    This always makes me smile.

  29. TJSDonovan says

    I've only ever known jonny mcgovern from hey qween i can't believe this is the same guy but simultaneously makes complete sense

  30. モノ子 says

    back then it was satire, now its reality

  31. normanD mcfall says

    Love you

  32. Aaron Matcham says

    True blood brought me here. Just restarted the series from the beginning

  33. tlw1950 says

    That’s the “Look at Huh” guy????

  34. echt114 says

    330 dislikes? WTF? Fragile types not manly enough for soccer practice I guess.

  35. Kikyo-sama says

    2020 anyone?

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