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As part of their Head vs Heart campaign, Top Eleven and José Mourinho got together to prank the Football Daily Show in this hilarious video.

With the help of Josie the cleaning lady, José uses his expert knowledge on the upcoming EURO 2016 tournament to prank the panelists.

Watch the Top Eleven video to find out how Mourinho managed to prank the guys from Football Daily.

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  1. nizar rehan says

    Who made top eleven so stupid like shit ???

  2. nizar rehan says

    Top eleven suck???

  3. nizar rehan says

    Your game shit top eleven ?? ?

  4. nizar rehan says

    Fuck you top eleven ???

  5. toni garic says

    Zasto nemate srpske titlove kad je srpska igrica?

  6. _ dwpnj says

    Check it

  7. Speediest C says

    Please Join my association….. It’s. Bradford Reapers

  8. Fredrik M says

    They can't name players from austria. Lol

  9. Rodrigo Santos says

    Obviously fake, why is Van Straaten not talking about key passes or chance creation or pass accuracy?

  10. jamer ortega says

    I play a lot of top eleven and I want to be one of the best managers in the world

  11. Fahmi Hamilton says

    Mourinho SACKED!!!

  12. Alp Mutlu says


  13. Alp Mutlu says


  14. Róbert Tamás says

    So Josie was right about Austria!They have beaten Germany 2-1!

  15. dzek i dzoni says

    nema srpski titl kad igrica nema maticni titl na youtube kanal

  16. FSG FSG says

    I think that if Manchester unite have got à good defend hé must buy kalidou Coulibaly

  17. raj khaire says

    lads shitted their fockin pants what a legend jose mourinho

  18. Jonshk says


  19. António Carlos says

    Esta trampa é o jogo mais nojento de toda a internet! Vão brincar e tentar chular o raio que os parta.Isto não passa de merda!

  20. Maria Helena says

    Podem continuar com a palhaçada que eu estou-me a cagar para este grande monte de merda,chamado top eleven.Isto é um jogo nojento administrado por gentinha igualmente nojenta!

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