JP Saxe – If The World Was Ending (Fortnite Music Video) ft. Julia Michaels


JP Saxe – If The World Was Ending (Fortnite Music Video) ft. Julia Michaels
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  1. LJ Studios - Fortnite Films says

    Thank you to JP Saxe for asking us to make this video, check out the original video –

  2. עגבנייה אדומה says


  3. Eso Brad says


  4. Steven Owenson says

    This is so sad

  5. Megan Reed says

    I love your videos keep up the good work

  6. Ghassan baghdadi says

    Jobs are going on the market

  7. Gonzalez produce says

    ? i dont have girlfriend

  8. Vic Migliozzi says

    So sad????

  9. Anaiah Lyric says

    Omg this is so good and so cleen good.job

  10. Cerrillo Family says


  11. Jacob Johnson says

    I cried my balls out

  12. Jacob Johnson says

    this happend with my girlfriend and I proposed

  13. Cloudzy says

    Yo brite bomber does not have her mask on.

  14. Jordan Hosteen says

    Ok so like why am I barely seeing this!!!??? This is amazing

  15. Karmella Tamadonkhah says

    This is beautiful ❤?❤

  16. Nathalie Gonzalez says

    I am crying so hard,this is so sad

  17. Emma Brann says

    I can’t stop crying ?

  18. celo 1710 says

    Guys this was the most saddest song I've ever heard in my life ?????❤❤❤❤???

  19. celo 1710 says

    Bro this is so sad I'm crying so much ???????❤❤❤❤:(

  20. Cole M says

    Why am I crying

  21. Shane Scott says

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  22. Bagoly Manna Sára says

    Dude its só butiful

  23. Bagoly Manna Sára says


  24. Bagoly Manna Sára says

    its so sad

  25. Bagoly Manna Sára says

    its so sas??

  26. Aubin O. says

    So sad..

  27. SuppaJuicy _ says

    You should of played this when Tilted Towers was destroyed

  28. FATHIR playz shiny says

    This so beautiful im crying this inside my heart ?? ❤️❤️ this soo sad

  29. Catherine Saldivar says


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