JUSTICE LEAGUE: THE SNYDER CUT Trailer Teaser | NEW (2021) HBO Max Superhero Movie HD


JUSTICE LEAGUE: THE SNYDER CUT Trailer Teaser | NEW (2021) HBO Max Superhero Movie HD

The very first official footage from the Zack Snyder cut of DC’s JUSTICE LEAGUE featuring Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman and the first shot of Darkseid! #ReleaseTheSnyderCut #HBOMax

CAST: Gal Gadot, Amy Adams, Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Ezra Miller, Jason Momoa

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  1. JoBlo Movie Trailers says

    The very first official footage from the Zack Snyder cut of DC's JUSTICE LEAGUE featuring Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman and the first shot of Darkseid! #ReleaseTheSnyderCut #HBOMax

  2. rhn94 says

    still gonna be trash

  3. Daniel Shaw says

    Embrace the darkness zack

  4. shadic web says

    0:16 shoutout to who ever drew that darkseid photo, it actually does a good job at being both creepy and exciting

  5. Jake says

    I think this is going to be sooooo epic!!!!

  6. Chandler Wolfe says

    Why did this gimme goosebumps ❤️?

  7. Dan Stevens says

    Sucks it will be behind a paywall. Not really interested in paying a monthly fee for 1 good movie.

  8. SwishWrap. says

    Take my money

  9. Loganlol - says

    We all know this wont beat endgame and infinity war… DC's characters will destroy Marvels, but Marvels character development and story is SOOO MUCH BETTER THAN DC'S, making it cooler to watch.

  10. Андрей Иванов says

    2021 ? What ? Release it this summer !

  11. seismo catfish says

    Wonder woman should be stronger than Superman. She is a god. He is a man…just from another planet with stronger gravity.

  12. I am a God of Nothing says

    Can anyone please explain to me wat's snyder cut? I'm sorry for being ignorant…

  13. Person with Brain cells says

    The only good thing I can think about justice league is that they introduced a different villain besides Darkside

  14. AV BulletCatcher says

    Confused.Is this a sequal to JL or another version that will have Darkseid in it?

  15. Zarka Zoan says

    Can’t wait!

  16. thefemalearrow says

    The Synder cut: when people bullied a man into revisiting the film that his daughter killed herself during the production of

  17. Hell hound says

    i just watched the dawn of justice ultimate cut the whole movie hits different as compare to the theratical one

  18. soy yo says

    Snyder's haters are now crying

  19. Subash Hamal says

    I am sorry But Snyder sucks

  20. Ricky springfield says

    Is Henry cavil coming back as superman?

  21. Ricky springfield says

    What does this mean the Snyder cut? Snyder directed the first one didn’t he? Does it mean their making it again but better, I’m confused and simple ?

  22. Ahhh Media says

    I like how the promotion company made it seem like it was the fans call and not a money scheme. Good work, ya tricky ducks.

  23. cHiCkEn WiNgZsZ says


  24. jam 17 says

    I'm waiting for it

  25. G4yonko says

    Marvel is forever better than dc

  26. Complete Ultra Instinct Broly says

    until HBO Max releases the snydercut on 2021, this will have to do for now. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_Tplq_VTlGikQVl6WUfDD_QuVn3Um42m ?

  27. Manoj Kiran says

    The starting scene made me think that it was a horror movie.

  28. Mattis fath says

    That aside thoHeroes vs Heroes is the HypeBut Villains vs Villains would be more entertaining cause you know they won't pull punches and have every intention of murder

  29. Wolfe Lightning says

    Eh I lost interest a long time ago, It wont reallly matter but I am hoping it's a lil better then the Justice league movie we seen. I mean its just some more scenes and different quality on other scenes. So not much to look forward to.

  30. abin mohan says

    Let me tell you why Steppenwolf was used instead of Darkseid.If Darkseid himself invaded earth, he would be defeated by the coalition to maintain the timeline, so to speak.So, the story ends up being the revenge plot of a butthurt villain, who was supposed to be the equivalent to thanos.Using steppenwolf instead of Darkseid was necessary. Let that sink in.

  31. Kartik gaming says

    If you are a marvel fan who came to see what all the fuss about the synder cut was all aboutI fell you Buddy

  32. Andy bay says

    Darkseid so creepy

  33. Monica Rios says

    Zack snyder's justice league in 2021 un hbo max coning 2021

  34. Viva o Brasil verde amarelo says


  35. power Blade says



    What tf is dc doing it is wayyyy to early for dark side dark side is like the final boss

  37. Larry Thomas says

    We Have Heard The Bells.

  38. Iftakher Lizu says

    Darkside…..This is the biggest ever…Be ready for Omega Beam of Planet Apocalypse..

  39. Mardon NaLou says

    Please don’t screw this up.

  40. Patrick Kavanagh says

    Looks like I'm adding hbo max to my streaming platforms.

  41. Lee Gieling says

    Jesus Christ the sheer number of reshoots and CGI editing that is going to be needed. Holy fucking hell I hope it works.

  42. Kuboo says

    Did anyone else notice that the monologue used in this was said in BvS:DoJ, near the end by Lex Luther


    மரண waiting

  44. Mehrox Syed says

    The bell has already been rung…..a reference to motherbox being activated

  45. Mandy Bell says

    John campea- "doesn't exist" Me laughs at the woke shill idiot

  46. Hussain Ali says

    Maybe I've been living under the rock but what's a Snyder's Cut?

  47. oscar torrez says

    Esta Genial

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