Juventus 2-0 Sampdoria | Ronaldo Scores as Juventus Claim Ninth Successive Title! | Serie A TIM


Juventus were confirmed champions after beating Sampdoria at the Stadio Delle Alpi | Serie A TIM

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  1. Doston Saidasqarov says

    Yuvetusam komandami bugun bor ertaga yug'

  2. Hermon Basil says

    OK cr7 missed a penalty !! Darn

  3. giggitygoo says

    Serie A so boring

  4. mesut ıcten says

    Merih Demiral is a KİNG???????

  5. anva Bee says

    1:36 if higuain get the ball may be he can score. But i dont like his attitude like a kid.

  6. Lizzie Hughes says

    Amazing match??

  7. Gaming Beast says

    2:01 Cristaino ronaldo always uses the same tactics. He just slow downs , goes right of the defender and tries long shot. Kinda type of boring. No offence.

  8. sam sha says

    Higuain dirty player..bad attitude..bad player..

  9. Ashwin Giri says

    It could had been a hattrick. Ugh still he is a beast.

  10. TheMan WithNoPlan says

    I hate players who cant be happy when their teammates score. Look at lukaku, haaland or suarez. Even though theyre the strikers theyre always happy when their teammates score

  11. Justin Vitalik says

    yg diem-diem bae di La Liga malah gagal juara, yg udh berkeliling di banyak liga malah selalu juara, akwoakwoakwoak….

  12. Rozeman Flah hassn says

    سوباس يا شباب او بنات علئ مشاهدا كرستيانو رونالدو ♥️?❤️?????

  13. macmillan Bongani says

    Was not an easy season at all.congrats to them.

  14. Arka Koner says

    Why no one is talking about the very first chance Ronaldo created for Bernadeschi which he shot at the goalkeeper?

  15. Mahin Maanu says

    Nice goal line save

  16. ZombaHenry garrotKomp says


  17. Rithy kh says


  18. 일이삼 says

    Juve . HIGUAIN OUT

  19. อนุรักษ์ บุญค้าศรี says


  20. Cartoon Gallery malayalam says

    The prefomence of cristiano not well in this game

  21. Cartoon Gallery malayalam says

    What a defending ?

  22. WestViruz says

    Higuain has to go, very negative anti team player

  23. 7Seven7 says

    I wish CR7 got top scorer tbh

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