Kai Havertz ● Welcome to Chelsea ● 2020 ?


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  1. Carl Johnson says

    Welcome to Chelsea ???@SVMM please pin this comment

  2. Trí Nguyễn says

    I love Chelsea and. Welcome Kai Havertz

  3. Raul Perez says

    First song name pls

  4. Iggor Jesus says

    Parece muito estilo dó Kaká, parabéns pro Chelsea baita contração… Kaká esquerda

  5. Alessandro Schiavone Football Sports says


  6. Rahil Parkar says

    Does he remind anyone of Ozil?Chelsea have got an amazing talent, jealous as a United fan

  7. Ben Viertlboeck says

    Pulisic Werner Ziyech Havertz Kante Mount Wooooow

  8. Fazrell Shafrie says

    Mount is good ,why we buy this guy ?we really need new CB and LB

  9. Troy parrot says

    Everyone chill until chelsea bid for your best player

  10. Sreejith Soman says

    he's surprisingly good at retrieving the ball for an attacker, welcome to Chelsea!! KTBFFH

  11. Fook Your mom says

    Kai Havertz will increase his career if he join Real Madrid King of Europe. Chelsea is small club compare to Real Madrid. So There’s no reason Kai Havertz join to chelsea

  12. Fook Your mom says

    Welcome to Real Madrid!

  13. Shoaib Ahmed says

    Bundesliga fans, please answer a few question. On a scale of 10 (10 being highest) how would you rate Havertz on the following:- Defensive work (pressing)- Speed- Strength- VisionAlso is he better than Jaoa Felix? Different positions I know.. But if you had to compare the technique etc..

  14. Eric D'souza says


  15. ayman ayman says

    You mean welcome to munch 2021

  16. sulabh sharma says

    oh Man!!! United should go for him, he is a player worthy of United shirt not some mediocre fake club like Chelsea.

  17. Sean M says

    I was expecting to find at least one comment saying this isn’t even official and yet I seem to be that comment

  18. Gk2020 W says

    This people who are saying he is overrated is only Germany hater,they are afraid with World Cup 2022 with gnabry sane havertz süle kimmich etc

  19. Action Jackson says

    Havertz might be one for the baloon'dor one day

  20. Pentyne says

    Imagine Lampard leading this lad to be the greatest midfielder ever.

  21. michael murillo says

    My worry is that chelsea might have to get rid of jourihno.

  22. Ega Maulana says

    I guess he looks like Oscar but he's just playing with his left foot

  23. 77777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777 says

    Getting Havertz with the same form as he is currently (or maybe better), I'd say definitely a steal regardless of how much he is?

  24. Acky says

    No idea how lucky you are to get him, hes the most cool, calm and composed person in front of goal

  25. IchHab3Beine says

    Its not offical that havertz is going to Chelsea

  26. James' Marbles says

    he hasnt actually signed for chelsea yet

  27. thinh le says

    what the song ??

  28. VogonyoTV says

    Sell Kante buy Ndidi and Skriniar

  29. AdamRBLX says

    Well Juventus got him.He isn't going to Chelsea u idiots.

  30. Ejaz Mirza says


  31. Jorge Paucas says

    ?? nice, name of song?

  32. mannydizzle9 says

    A rare player that moves at his own pace. Also very good technical ability. Is able to construct and manipulate most parts of the game on and off the ball. Oddly good finishing when he doesn't look like he will finish. Good height plays an advantage in aerial attacks.

  33. Abdul-Azeez Abu says

    His late runs into the box is just on point.

  34. Abdul-Azeez Abu says

    That pass 2:14 ?

  35. Longei Jesuhu says

    Whym still no sign of signing defender..??!

  36. El Coherencias says

    this is fake

  37. S B says

    Havertz is cool. But where are new defence line and GK?

  38. KILLAR 100 says

    Oh shit did Chelsea sign him?

  39. Rupert Clint says

    Now i can see lots of plastic fans will start to support Chelsea as they got good attackers now

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