1. Jamie Twigg says


  2. m vl says

    Well over the hill

  3. yak yak says


  4. Tamara Bradshaw says

    Her voice is a lot dainties than I imagined

  5. Noah LEITH says

    Kate is a real sweetheart which is why she gets away with her shit.

  6. m says

    I love kate! I would do anything for her!

  7. J kK says

    It's not about what you have, it's about how it all comes together. Crooked teeth, short, but when she's Kate Moss…look out.

  8. Viviána says

    She's drunk.

  9. dandylion says

    Vivienne and not Kate is what the world thinks of when they picture an English woman. Vivienne is the absolute picture of an English woman. lmao

  10. Red Lady says

    "yeh definitely" (kate on climate change. she doesn't give a s**t)

  11. Vincent Williams says

    You go Kate! 28 Vogue covers is no easy task.

  12. Erika Morais says

    she aint tall, not like models, she got bad teeth, and still she gets all this attention.. amazing

  13. Solange Souvadjian says

    it's awful angle that this video was taken… it looks down upon them making the viewers "feel bad" for them.

    but they're great. both of them.

  14. angellelea2222 says

    She on coke during this shindig? Jeez I feel embarrassed for them for some reason.

  15. Clariccy says

    @OakeyCarrie You're a Johnny Depp fan ? Explains your words LOL

  16. callaritiziana says

    kate sorry to say, you look better in picture when you don't open your mouth, also no manners at all, when they ask you questions you don't answer because you haven't got a clue on what to reply, and when Vivienne is talking you keep interrupting,her and sorry what do you know about changing the world !!! you never done anything positive for the world!!!

  17. Stephen Ouma Aluoch says

    Who is the woman next to Kate

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