So KFC challenged us to take on some football challenges, see how we got on @kfc_uki, #ad

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  1. kd1up 1 says

    Of course it was Tobi to steal the chicken

  2. Coilin Hayes says

    How come Simon and jed only got 2 pens

  3. Qwapple says


  4. Potato Turtle says

    10:09 sick touch from simon


    You predicted the naruto run

  6. KropzyFN says

    I want to know how deji has more subs then u like look at his contact like I’m not dissing deji but still he just uses jj for views


    Is it just me or does that ball look extremely small

  8. O Anonimos rappas says

    Ay why simon gets 2 tries when da others get 3 das racist af

  9. Eben Kilson says

    11:12 already knew abt naruto drillings

  10. Colt says

    Not meaning to be racist when I say this, so I'm truly sorry if it's taken that way, but why did it seem like a perfect scenario when the sirens went off after Tobi ran away with the bucket?

  11. MexicanGio says

    This is the most entertaining video I’ve seen?

  12. kulwinder Grewal says

    Thomas with the Under The Rader jacket. On poiny

  13. Kyle Storey says


  14. Mueez Odusanya says

    5:00 lmfao

  15. ` says

    Seriously why is Simon in this video

  16. Le Babs says

    KFC football be like….SUBSCRIBE TO LE BABS get us to 150, we do football challenges please help us

  17. Darragh Mulvaney says

    Good fam

  18. Bmx Rider says

    I train here ??

  19. Haider Abdi says

    Why isn’t he in the sidemen again?

  20. JAY-THE-BEVOMAN says

    4:08 They are right.. That trim is dead

  21. Yaşar Ümit Mungan says

    8:37 I though someone's alarm went off in the building lol

  22. Jack Reade says

    I am allergic to chicken

  23. Sertus Dionyol says

    Bare lit challenge and ad!!!!

  24. Samson Hruai says

    Should've called the blindfolded challenge the bird box challenge

  25. Nathan Quinn says

    4:02 that is a SE Dons Line

  26. ACS SCA says

    Blackest thing ever seen

  27. Cameron Rawcliffe says

    10:17 killed me

  28. MysticStrike Force says

    Why do i feel like someone is breathing to hard in the camera.

  29. kSpades says

    ??typical black Don’t worry I’m black too I’m not being racist?

  30. ss abi says

    at 8:03 manny got oleh by tobi with a bucket ??

  31. Joseph Griffiths says

    You could only afford the kfc because of Simon's black card

  32. Jude Chauhan says

    old ksi voice BLACK PEOPLE

  33. James Wells says

    2:50 in and already had 2 ads. At least he’s getting ads ?

  34. Lawrence Tynan says

    I'm not the only one that heard the camera man breathing through this vid right? lmao

  35. Adam Chamas says

    the « it’s your fault »  at 10:27 souded like it was jj

  36. Adam Chamas says

    what a shit video

  37. Josiah G says

    2:08 song?

  38. Arvind Manivannan says

    i loved the video but your cameraman…..he hurts my eyes

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