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“Story Of an Innocent Kaali WhoTurned Kaaliya After Facing Cruelty Of Mukhiya”
Kaalia is the story of a farmer who lives in a village with his younger sister.
His parents die in his childhood only and both the brother and sister supported each other and lived a life perfectly.
Kaalia was very much proud of his 10-bigha plots; he loves and cares about this land like his mother because after his parent’s death this land helped him and his sister a lot.
There were two means of income for Kaali one his Land and another one his Tractor. One of the Authoritarian of the Village, known as Thakur always has eyes on innocent Kaali’s land and he always wanted to swipe his land.
To rob, the land Thakur plotted a dangerous game in which Kaali’s sister Gauri get to married to one of Thakur’s gangsters.
Along with Gauri her calamity also started following up to her In-Laws place. Kaali was in great grief when he came to know this; he then kept his land on the mortgage and tried to help Gauri. Later on, Gauri was burnt to death by her husband. Kaali was shattered and lonely. Time passes and Kaali Turned to Kaalia after he suffered so much in Prison.
He took revenge from all those who made his life hell.

Starcast: Hyder Kazmi, Akshara Singh, Anil Yadav, Shivram Yadav
Singers: Mamta Raut, Mohan Rathod, Indu Sonali, Versha Tiwari, Nilesh Upadhyay
Director: Shivram Yadav, Producer: Hyder Kazmi

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