1. Lu Jerz says

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  2. Kevin Rudu says


  3. Heiwiik says

    Song name?

  4. Junior says


  5. Donnie Porter says

    That boy slick

  6. harvard gazmabi says

    Kids should know better these days man. Just cause your a goalie doesn't mean you get to do burpies when the guys trying to score man…

  7. MrFreeagent505 says

    That was sick, I would tripped myself 5 times trying to do that.

  8. el Negro Noche says

    SIGN EM UP!!!!!!

  9. Stay Humble says

    That was so nasty goalie broke his back!?

  10. Lola says

    World Cup awaits you

  11. shaquille Robinson says

    ??? damn get up before you fall young man

  12. Briar Mason says

    Don't think that goalie will be getting up anytime soon. Not after having both his ankles broke.

  13. Jota Carvajal Weche says

    Uuuh uuuh UUUH

  14. Hispanic Burrito says

    Alex Hunter!

  15. Armando M says


  16. President NotSure says

    Neither did bad. Goalie stopped himself from blocking the shot.

  17. Karos says

    Clapping just like audiences in Golf games

  18. Jay-Z flashing money says

    Goalie never gave up… tho

  19. ay iti says

    why the fucking music?

  20. Jerrick Johnson says

    Damn that shit would’ve got me good job kid ?? bright future

  21. luis cardenas says

    This is the traditional street soccer. This kid probably did alot more tricks and the others. Wish there was a full vid would've been lit

  22. KFGSHFDGJDS says


  23. Xavier Melendrez says

    Music ruins the clip

  24. Dillon Brown says

    Sheesh lol ??

  25. elfuckingmorenazo says

    Ayyyyyy ?????

  26. A1 S says

    That was bullying

  27. DarkWing Duck says


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