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I never thought I would include my nephews into a YT video but these guys were staying with me for a bit so we decided to turn on the camera and see what would happen. Steve and Dan both just started High School and Ari is in middle school.

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  1. EJ All Day All The Way says

    My boy Daniel is looking like Adrien from the anime show "Miraculous Ladybug and Cat Noir"Don't ask how I know that show…

  2. Malka Klein says

    My two girls vomit a lot in girl so sad ?

  3. Crunch M says

    who else noticed doctor mikes pants look like hes got some bulge down there???

  4. Sydney Gehl says

    i didn’t know guys had to get checked like that every time they go to the doctor that’s a yikes?

  5. xxdaebakxx says

    supercute nephews <3

  6. Niharika Shetty says

    Them thighs tho !

  7. Kayla Cabrera says

    Why they seem so intimidated? Maybe it’s the thighs. ??

  8. GreenTea Mochi says

    ngl I really do want that butt review

  9. Pluto says

    Why is no one talking about the 'busted plum'? I nearly pissed myself laughing ?

  10. Abdullah Shahid says

    doc mikes thighs at 3:30 trynna get outta them pants

  11. Abdullah Shahid says


  12. Tijana Tomić says

    Dr. Mike sticks with the quote: -Thicc thighs save lives ?

  13. Reva Panchal says

    His videos make me want to study bio

  14. Caroline Pridgen says

    Ari made my heart drop

  15. Giovanna Karina Ramirez Gamboa says

    Ari: I have like 3(friends) maybeDr. Mike: Okay, that’s a lot of friends Me: Feeling great because I now think the three friends I have are a lot

  16. Jodie Spurlock says

    those voice cracks tho

  17. Paige D says

    “Any animal in isolation for to long will go crazy”Me: Ah yes that aged well.

  18. Nicholas S. C. says

    Daniel looks like my city local junkie

  19. Brianne Noel says

    Fun fact about the growing limbs thing, my moms finger got cut off by a door when she was a teenager and it grew back.

  20. Sreya Harigopal says

    the nephews do like a lot like doctor mike

  21. Ms. Mimy says

    Doctor Mike ?

  22. Aditi Mullapudi says

    he’s 14?! dayum where these boys at my school at ??‍♀️?

  23. •S K U L L• says

    Every Asian kid can answer those questions quickly in no time.

  24. Afra Fairuz says

    Daniel’s voice is BREAKING

  25. Dabril says

    2:52 man Daniels voice is the most streotypycal puberty voice I ever heard.

  26. Ella 12 says


  27. Adi Hernandez says

    Dr. Mike 2019: if you leave any animal or human in isolation for too long, they go crazy.Me in 2020 during corona time: ???

  28. Jill Vasquez says

    Omg, they're so cute

  29. aillyra mcqueen says

    Wow his nephews are more behaved then Gabby Hanna ??

  30. Exoticly says

    Woo first 2 seconds and already a voice crack

  31. SleepySnoopy says


  32. sagchipkwe31 says

    Preferably hang out by myself. I relate

  33. kiana 2 says

    Solitary confinement: everyone in quarantine

  34. Sel Sol says

    honestly kimda waiting for that butt review

  35. a human says

    Wait. I came back just now from the mesntrual cycle video and just clicked on the playlist!! Dr. Mike, it seems like the younger ones had undergone puberty ? this so funny

  36. silly gum says

    " We all have testicles "- Doctor Mike 2019

  37. Roshan Godkhindi says

    Doctor mike explaining why heart attack happens Me in lockdown: Fitness time baby

  38. Joshua Montague says


  39. T. Bui says

    Dr. Mike's thighs could pop out of those scrub pants at any moment.

  40. Sebastian Rudas says

    Daniel sounds like that Simpson character ?

  41. bysscanna says

    “Not all, obviously.” ??

  42. Big Laughs says

    Bro I remember not looking at the person's eye while talking ?? that thing used to give me anxiety

  43. Kamyl Tairi says

    "Any human in isolation would go crazy" most relevant comment in this day and time lmao

  44. caroline says

    He's uncomfortable having his testicules checked? He's lucky he's not a woman. It's way more uncomfortable to be checked up with the speculum into to vagina!

  45. Suomi_Perkele says

    Daniel's eyes are pretty

  46. Camryn Robinson says

    Daniel’s voice cracking is so cute

  47. Momo Ster says

    I can't stop looking at his thighs

  48. Areej Alhamdani says

    Who doesn't like trust and big butts o can't even. I loled so hard??? Dr. Mike is awsome

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