1. kkuetht says

    c nul aucun travil de montage ni effort sur lecriture bref je le desabonne et pouce rouge ^^

  2. Stevon Finley Finley says

    I am 8 years old and I am actually joining that team this year

  3. Keisu Federation Mapping says

    nobody knows that there is a reply button…

  4. Unlimited says

    0:15 EXPOSE HIM!!!!!

  5. MegaFun 4Everyone says

    Wow i liked this very much! Fantastic video! I cant wait for more videos! Great job!

  6. Brittany Arcentales says

    They don't no how to play soccer lol all they do is take it away from there team mate. And they just kick it at each other

  7. mini-FIFAPro 14 says


  8. Alonzo Biggins says

    How my kid too young to play soccer shes 3

  9. Ant2Certified says

    They suck

  10. Aurelas Rainsong says

    what is there to dislike? you were promised kids playing soccer, and that's what you got.

  11. Barbara C says

    yep, youth basketball, soccer, and baseball are very common

  12. Impala Impala says

    do kids even play sports anymore ?

  13. Green Pretzel says

    sorry that was back when i was a dickhead.

  14. wheaurthp says

    While in this country, the popularity of American football took on the name of football, soccer remained known as such around the globe. From the British popularity of soccer since 19th centry. Who's a loser now?

  15. theultimatej28620 says

    no its soccer

  16. Green Pretzel says

    soccer, lol it's football losers.

  17. AlQassab Cousins says

    im in manama club in bahrain after tomorrow it will open

  18. nailpolish504 says

    shes okay, but not exceptional

  19. Vinnie Dileo says

    @iskate953 Half of them are pieces of crap…Five people (including me) are good

  20. iskate953 says

    @lazercoffee you guys must fucking suck. doesnt surprize me though, pieces of fucking shit arent good at anything

  21. Amanda Gendron says

    @RocknSkate4789 that not very nice………

  22. Vinnie Dileo says

    Those kids are better than some of the kids on my soccer team…

  23. Pablo Espana says

    im trying to be fucked up but number 11 on the baby blue team is funny

  24. LAUGHmaniac123 says

    why dont u worry about europe

  25. LAUGHmaniac123 says

    its not football its futbol

  26. Connor Miller says

    im with ya ther clydewell its football not wat u americans changed it to….keep it the english way

  27. Jack Cheetham says

    looks like quite a boring match but they're only little i suppose

  28. Chris Sting says


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