Kimmel vs Cruz – Blobfish Basketball Classic


Jimmy went to Houston to play a game of one-on-one basketball against Texas Senator Ted Cruz in what we called the “Blobfish Basketball Classic.” The reason this happened is because after Game 7 of the Western Conference Finals, Jimmy showed a picture of Senator Cruz at the Houston Rockets game and he likened him to a blobfish. Cruz did not like that so he challenged Jimmy to a game of one-on-one for charity. It’s been a dream of Jimmy’s ever since he was a little boy to one day play basketball against the most disliked member of the U.S. Senate and that dream finally came true. So, here it is, Jimmy’s on-court interview with Ted Cruz. We have already raised more than $80,000 for Texas Children’s Hospital and Generation One. If you would like to donate, please go to the links below. #BlobfishBasketballClassic #KimmelvsCruz

Texas Children’s Hospital

Generation One

Hey Leonardo DiCaprio – Call Tiffany Haddish!

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Kimmel vs Cruz – Blobfish Basketball Classic

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  1. Bridget Golubinski says

    Jimmy is so self centered in this video and shows no class. Cruz shows a lot of character for coming out and doing this

  2. Lego Pete 3 says


  3. Thomas Williams says

    So awkward

  4. William Smith says

    "What about all the kids Obama detained?"
    "Whajiduwhadurrowah NO U"

  5. Megladon65 says

    Tell me something more liberal than Cruz balling all over Jimmy and being way more classy, and Jimmy still gets the trophy 🙂

  6. Calamari Cam says

    Ted's kind of a legend for this

  7. Rob Hodge says

    This just made Jimmy look bad. Friendly jabs are fine but Jimmy made it personal.

  8. Rockmyballsplease says

    Not sure what Trump was talking about, Ted's wife is quite beautiful.

  9. Edward Lindon says

    So many comments: "JK is just rude and TC is very composed and polite…" Middle-class respectability politics. Sarcasm and vitriol are appropriate, if symbolic, responses to anti-social politicians who redistribute wealth upwards.

  10. HyperCazual says

    How embarrassing for Jimmy… so narcissistic he has to win even when he loses. And then people cheer Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy? Sad, just so very sad.
    How is Obama's locking up kids Ted's fault? And then after the fact he says Trump left them there? What a moron. Stick to "comedy" because politics and basketball are not your thing haha.

  11. dingusrevolver says

    Wow. Kimmel made a fool of himself.

  12. Sean Stahlheber says

    Can you imagine how insufferable Kimmel would have been if he had won.

  13. Wes says

    Jimmy Kimmel is such an awful person. I don't even like Ted Cruz but he was the one with class here.

  14. Tay Lay says

    This backfired

  15. clownzs C says

    How do you lose to cruz lol

  16. 1 2 3 Four Five says

    When neither player are talented, size wins

  17. Xavier Brown says

    Why do so many people hate Ted Cruz? What did he do

  18. Fake Name says

    These network comedians sure do think they know a lot about policy and healthcare

  19. Caleb Kopitsky says

    As much as I hate Ted Cruz, and I really hate him, he deserved a bit of respect for agreeing to do this and jimmy literally just bullied him. The blob fish classic? Really?

  20. devon marcus says

    Pretty wild hearing the difference in them talking about playing each other. You can hear Ted Cruz talking about it on the Adam Carolla Show podcast (14 July 2020 Episode Part 2 at 1:16:401:19:00). You will hear Senator Cruz say that things between them are fine, that he had a great time and that Jimmy was a good sport. I get what Kimmel does is for comedy, but he wouldn't be able to say anything even approximating neutral about Senator Cruz without rocking the left/Hollywood boat.

  21. Jack McMorrow says

    Wow, now jimmy is not respectable AND not funny!

  22. Miguel Orozco says

    Guillermo es el puto amo 😎

  23. Lorenzo Castillo says

    This was amazing and very raw!!

  24. Hogscraper says

    Jimmy looked like he was about to collapse there at the end. Maybe he shouldn't have retired the Karl Malone character so quickly.

  25. Mossimo Tiberi says

    Kimmel is the worst of the late night hosts. He’s trash for being so personal

  26. Keean Stevenson says

    I'm with Kimmel,
    But cruz kicked his ass

  27. Dorian Lollobrigida says

    There once was a senator Cruz
    Whose body was simply a tube.
    We couldn't pretend
    To distinguish the ends—
    They both play identical tunes.

  28. s .o says

    Kimmel really is a looser, talks so much smack and the looses to Cruz, this is just gold

  29. Jackson Short says

    Kimmel is a fraud and a failure. How's that leave of absence treating ya bud?

  30. Kaine McColley says

    This is cringe

  31. Jon O says

    Kimmel let his pure evil show through. What a mean person to say that in front of Ted's daughter. One of the biggest hypocrites in television history

  32. Google Account says

    Hysterical that Jimmy gave himself a participation trophy, so true to his pathetic liberal form.

  33. Batben01 says

    Whats the Difference between Ted Cruz and Jimmy Kimmel? One is a vile waste of a human being who is using grossly exaggerated political claims for his own personal gain, the other recited "green eggs and ham" at a senate floor.

  34. Paul Jeffers says

    I had to laugh when Kimmel was criticizing trump for detaining kids at the border yet most of those detention centers were built under the Obama administration

  35. Mikey D says

    Jimmy brought his own crowd, was incredibly disrespectful to Cruz, then basically gave himself MVP for losing…….fair enough.

  36. Zach S says

    Why is Kimmel such a prick

  37. Oscar D. Porcayo says

    Love your show jimmy, but you are not cool on this one.

  38. JU says

    Lets be honest here guillermo would beat both 2v1

  39. Videos About Stuff says

    Jimmy:There are no kids in detention centers from Obama

    8 million kids:Am I a joke to you

  40. OriginalTRaven says

    Hey, At least Jimmy didn't lose by 3 million points and still got the win XD

  41. Blue Calla says

    For a guy who has NO BALLS, I’m surprised Ted managed to pull out a win in a game that involved… balls. 🏀 🏀

  42. Ted Denzlo says

    I bet that old Silverman witch beat Jimmy for losing when he got home

  43. Steve Sand says

    It’s funny how people are like “why is he being mean to Ted Cruz?” Cruz is a politician, of course Kimmel was trying to provoke him and Ted Cruz is A champion at taking insults without pushing back….. I mean Trump called his wife ugly and accused his dad of killing Kennedy, and Cruz bent the knee. Cruz is actually the Devil, and Kimmel actually cares about other humans, so he treats Cruz like the garbage that he is

  44. Louie G says

    I appreciate them playing such an ugly game of basketball. They really gave it there all and it was bad. Dang. My favorite part was the announcers laughing at these silly guys playing basketball.

  45. Jim Glynn says

    Wrassle Ted Cruz. Let Ron Pearlmann train you, Mr. Kimmel.

  46. ROBERT LONG says

    Tell all the jokes you want, Cruz beat you. Jimmy sucks. Baba Booey loved this.

  47. This Old New says

    I'm 6' 1" 185 and there is no way that jimmy kimmel is at most 6' and under 200 lbs with that gut. no way.

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