Kinect Sports: Football / Soccer


This is a gameplay match of Football from the Kinect Device on the Xbox 360.

Game: Kinect Sports

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  1. Alex Navarro says

    soi unos mancos !!!!!

  2. newcoolvid27 says

    Errmm… well in ENGLISH football is the one with your feet, american football is the contact sport; in AMERICAN football is american football and soccer is football. Learn english, fütbol is spanish 😛

  3. SuperJman365 says

    @sirviper91 football is soccer its the original name

  4. MikeJustesenFilms says

    @sirviper91 Sorry to dissapoint you,

  5. sirviper91 says

    i thought you were gona play football, not soccer =

  6. Nicholas Lashway says

    Nope this is soccer

  7. MrLizard234 says

    @Quillincy haha i get it

  8. Pythomyst says

    This game rocks

  9. amb200 says

    Its called soccer only in america around the world it's football (think before you type smartass)

  10. MrLizard234 says

    this is scoocer not football. Duhh

  11. XropzzX says

    lmao bullshit.

  12. uin784 says

    The British invented the sport therefore we get naming rights

  13. lilsassistant says

    WTF football?? if you are going to say it that way then should it not be spelled Futbol? Are the British major fuck ups. But i must ask, why do they call footbal the sport where you throw the ball and score a touchdown when you only use your foot for punts and extra points and field goals?

  14. jhollarn says

    To all the British who have said crap to Americans about football and soccer and the correct pronunciation: Who won the Revolutionary War? Yea that's right America! America is number 1!

  15. Hiferj says

    Knicet Foot ball suck

  16. Hodges says

    @christian13400 Fuck off you yank.

  17. Michael says

    @Drmilkman85 well what you call soccer was an oficial sport waaaaaaay before american football so its not soccer its football

  18. KaiHatty says

    People this is in england so its called football thats what we call it so americans yes its soccer but we call it football ok

  19. TheMrAwesomeDx says

    @tayyab1212 only in america its called soccer….

  20. h0w13r says

    This isn't football, this is soccer…and soccer sucks

  21. StaciMay says

    @Drmilkman85 Soccer is called football in other countries our footnall is kinda an only american sport

  22. mynameisseangeldart says

    "Both players should stand in front of the sensor"
    Oh! Fucking well done!

  23. 12829me26465 says

    @paramarabo cuz they dont hav enough space to dive u moron!! no offence

  24. 12829me26465 says

    @blueguy81 your right !!

  25. 12829me26465 says

    cant u run with the ball ?? and do trickz ??

  26. 12829me26465 says

    cant u run with the ball ??

  27. Captain Zeppos says

    1) It's Football, not soccer. Only ex-british colonies call it soccer and, like in many other things, they are plain wrong. It's Football.

    2) Wii sucks.

  28. MikeJustesenFilms says

    @SAM13534 Yes i think you should go out and get it, if you liked what you saw. Its very entertaining and you have to experience it yourself!

  29. Youcef Twinky says

    i have never seen a goalkeeper with glases !!!!hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

  30. Antoniceys says

    @MikeJustesenFilms it is pretty hard 🙂

  31. BroFessor97 says

    why does the keeper even bother stand there anyway???

  32. madasahammer1 says

    @msowolfy well there both man to man contact so quite gay

  33. msowolfy says

    @mehmetkumas i dissagree as rugby isnt american football. their completely different sports

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