Kinemaster Tutorial: How to Edit Video on Android & iPhone!


Learn how to edit video on Android & iPhone using one of the best video editing apps in this complete KineMaster tutorial!

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— Kinemaster Tutorial: How to Edit Video on Android & iPhone! —

KineMaster Pro Video Editor is one of the leading video editing apps for iPhone and Android right now, packing in a ton of functionality previously seen only in desktop video editing software!

Whether you’re looking to level up your Android video editing, or are in the iOS camp and want to learn how to edit video on iPhone (or edit video on iPad!), in this video we run through a full step-by-step video editing tutorial using KineMaster.

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  1. Rosalie Sumod-ong says


  2. RealTroy Playz says

    Me:oo this real im just starter lets see

  3. Tsuki says

    K eye n master for me still lol because that's not in the English pronunciation, words like knife or kine This video was really simply explained for an autistic person like me thanks! You wiped out all my confusion. Bonus for all of you, just find a kinemaster mod apk/cracked to have your watermark freely removed

  4. Just Jimin says

    I agree! Kinemaster is the best

  5. Rachel Smith says

    This really help me

  6. Dolker Gonjobhumo says

    Thank you so much making this video .. it’s make me more easer for editing ???

  7. Dorcas Bill says

    Text this dude he’s awesome and me bypass the security check? and recover my account, I recommend or Whatapp +1 4188861452…..

  8. Annie lee says

    Tysm for the big helpp

  9. Bill Dillon says

    Thank for you this tutorial. Just edited my first vid using Kinemaster. Very easy thanks to you. Great job.

  10. indhay bisdak TV says

    Thanks for this big help i don't know how to use kinemaster

  11. Peci putih says

    pu ka pegah hai nyak eee

  12. Xx_mirabelle 108_xX says

    I have a question,so I know how to upload videos onto kinemaster but they have bad quality sound. I've asked others and they explain it very confusingly. I can't afford nice things like mics and all but i would really like to start my youtube channel. What should I do?

  13. Dileep Pal says

    How to Kinemaster Asset Store backups

  14. Gina gee says

    Great introductory video for a novice like me. Thank you

  15. Mildred Lao says

    Thank you for your clear explanation. I have one question how edit more videos at 1 time ? I mean how to attach another videos?

  16. Angel Randhawa says

    Anyone else a newbie?

  17. Cutey Coffie says

    It is soo hard to do

  18. Thehazboiii says

    Tysm i hope my channel grows after this

  19. LEGO Buddies-Gaming, Stop Motion Films says

    Who's waching in 2020

  20. Ilham and farin's craft and drawing says

    It is so cool like it

  21. JobIsTruth says

    Every time I use 16:9 and finish editing it makes my videos width a bit shorter Idk why it makes really mad.

  22. Jane Churton says


  23. ProGamerx505x says

    How do u zoom in and out

  24. Masaisai Afro Fusion Band says

    Thank you for this amazing video.

  25. Sagnik Roy Krrish says

    wonderful video

  26. kanakala saitejas says

    how to get background in ios

  27. XxOnii- SanxX says

    How can I actually download an video?

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