1. jospeh b says

    Saddest boss fight ever ):

  2. TheOliver21 says

    More than 6 years ago, and this still tears at my feels. It's like I'm hearing it for the first time all over again… 🙁

  3. TheMajin7 says


  4. Yuri Lix says

    It's not riku's fault, im sure he was upset when he figured out what happened..

  5. brian oh says

    the music is just too heartbreaking.. poor xion.

  6. rafael antonio says


  7. rafael antonio says


  8. camptowngirl says

    It's Kingdom Hearts. Every boss has more than one form. xD

  9. Gamer Cat says

    this game brings so much sad emotions because xion is my favorite character. im about to cry.

  10. Phantom Thief says

    I beat the heck outta Riku because of this scene

  11. Gundorf says

    goodbye, megaupload…

  12. Darri3n says

    lol that's good. XD It pretty much sums up the first time I fought her.

  13. Zex Eios says

    "get ready Roxas!"
    If I'm not will you wait? :/

  14. Zex Eios says

    I went to megaupload to download the song
    *2 minutes later*

  15. LanceKairan says

    Actually, when I first saw that scene a few months ago, that line is what really broke my heart. And then I went on to finish the game, and all I could think was, "How could they do that to Roxas?" DiZ was so cruel…

  16. Darri3n says

    "Stop holding back!"
    I'm not! You're just killing me too fast!!! T.T

  17. ZboomMacattack says

    Aww Roxas I'll be your friend 🙁

  18. cooer121 says

    @UN1CR0NLORD your right but roxas didnt lost axel axel lost roxas

  19. Nexus says

    axel whyd he forget about axel roxas is so insensitive

  20. Zex Eios says

    I'm doing a beginner run… without using any gears…
    wish me luck

  21. DuVarius Vaughn says

    just like wen cole killed zeke u_u

  22. trev9000 says

    even though I knew a sad ending was inevitable, I still wish it hadn't had to have come to that…

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