1. The DG Pro says

    Kobe is dead

  2. No says

    Wait that’s not a helicopter

  3. Materek says

    R.I.P Kobe Bryant?

  4. Angel Peña sosa says


  5. Sara Abi says


  6. Alfonso Guerrieri says

    "Sin saber que esa vida a vos si te salvaria"

  7. Chanhsoc Kha says

    1:42 ho chi minh bro!! im from viet nam

  8. Jake Torres says

    Rip black mamba

  9. sebrod_27 says

    Am i the only one that didn’t know kobe spoke Spanish

  10. İZDESKx TR says

    Hello im Turkish im very like you (my english is very bad?)

  11. Shad Noori says

    Who is watching this because of kobe

  12. José Lucas says

    That boy seems to be Messi's son

  13. Dragoon Froot says

    Is it just me or when I throw clothes in a basket and say Kobe I get depressed

  14. Javier Olivares says

    R.i.p kobe bryan fuela una leyenda tuvo una vida increible y ojala que este descansado muy bien y se retirk de basquetbol y de todo su esfuerzo surgio todo esto descansa leyenda descansa…

  15. Ahmed81 says

    Did Kobe randomly crossed your mindR.I.P KOBE WE ALL GONNA MISS YOU

  16. Upcomingmasta _13 says

    R.i.p Kobe Bryant ?

  17. Aboodi Dooodi ولد جستر says


  18. Aboodi Dooodi ولد جستر says


  19. Ryan Black says

    RIP Gigi and kobe

  20. EL PRO 92 says

    Kobe Bryant is dead

  21. Thomas says

    RIP Kobe Legend Never Die

  22. Hüseyin Arım says

    R.I.P KOBE

  23. ravneet bajwa says

    Rest In Peace kobe

  24. lorne olsen says

    Rip Kobe

  25. Amardo Arlington says

    Rip Kobe we love you ??

  26. Cyrus her says

    RIP kb

  27. Daniel says

    Por que agarraron al segundo mejor jugador del mundo??

  28. Caca Butt says

    Wtf kobe habla español??

  29. Paulo Bojorquez says

    Legends never die.RIP Kobe Brayant a true legend❤

  30. Dead Channel says

    Why can’t he just get both to sign it.

  31. Ibrahim DEMİR says

    Turkish airlines NAYS

  32. AiNz says

    Rip legend❤

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