Konstakang Android 10 Lineage 17.1. Play Store, 3D Hardware supported, 1080 Full HD. GTA, Asphalt 8.


Konstakang Android 10 Lineage 17.1. 3D Hardware supported, 1080 Full HD. GTA, Asphalt 8.

Raspberry Pi 4 8GB

Great performance Play store and 3D hardware supported at 1080

Tutorial to follow

Full details and download

Thanks for letting me know. From the comments.
yuvraj kukreja
now with GPU support ,android 10

Changes from previous builds.
27.6. changelog:
* initial LineageOS 17.1 build
* hardware accelerated graphics
* V3D using Mesa 20.1.4 with drm_hwcomposer & gbm gralloc
* 1920×1080 resolution
* update TWRP to 3.4.0-0
* update to Linux 5.4.53 kernel and patch known vulnerabilities (CVE-xxxx-xxxx, and more)
* Android security patch level: 5 July 2020 (merged)

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  1. Nia Dai says


  2. original iphone xs for 1 usd tap my avatar says

    1:58 breathtaking

  3. Dennis Henrique Toriello Miranda says

    does Geforce Now work? is there anything that makes Geforce Now work properly?

  4. firstname lastname says

    This is fantastic news!However, I'm also getting discoloured textures in Minecraft!

  5. FF Gamer says

    Please make separate video on it

  6. FF Gamer says

    Does it can run Free Fire.

  7. shams says

    This build is nice but the WiFi connections are very weak on this compared to something like Raspberry Pi OS

  8. luke B says

    gta looked almost as good as it was meant to be ? thx lee??

  9. Ubaldo Enne says

    Great! I've just Installed and Tested It…. it's incredible, I'm really impressed. Thanks for info, Mr lee

  10. Barry Bolton says

    Love it

  11. Raspberry Pi Projects and More says

    YES!! I was waiting for this!!!

  12. flyl0 says

    sound on bluetooth speakers is horrible

  13. Alonso Rafael Rubio Carmona says

    It's crashing and rebooting constantly, is it normal?I haven't installed anything yet

  14. Dick Fu says

    Hey dude, do you have the download link of android 10 raspberry pi image, I cant find it

  15. El Hamster Gamer says

    Amazing performance!!

  16. MAXTRAXv2 says

    does play protect on google play store work? if not useless.

  17. yuvraj kukreja says

    i am watching this video ,in this lineage os android 10 …..working great

  18. ETA PRIME says

    I had a feeling this would be updated! Awesome

  19. Pi Labs says


  20. monka pie says

    many thanks rly glad you cover that

  21. OneStopShot says

    Hopefully ETA Prime will do an emulation video on this

  22. Pete Buka says

    Thanks that looks promising ?. Does it support 1080p YouTube playback without hickups??

  23. Southern Cyborg says

    "Doesn't come with google…" best news i heard all day

  24. Isaac Hunt says

    Love it I'll wait for your tutorial ??

  25. Michael W says

    Is this on 8GB RPI 4?

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