1. General JellyRoll says

    That’s what’s up. That intro is something. Another band sampled thatIt’s Coldplay – talk https://youtu.be/EH9meoWmAOM

  2. pappenhorst says

    there goes my heart

  3. Cola says

    Coldplay — Talk ripped this off

  4. Rodolfo Gonzalezi says


  5. 237homer238 says

    funfact: coldplay covered it twice, (talk + talk alternate) and when they called, the fone was hang up because they thought it was kind of a joke 🙂

  6. Mari A. says

    This song is similiar to "Talk" by Coldplay?

  7. Karsten Hoppenz says

    Danke Dir Florian werde dich nie vergessen du hast mich durch meine Jugend begleitet ich bin traurig

  8. Centaur81 says

    The whole album is just a masterpiece. I love this track due to its 'galopping' rhythm. Wonderful melody.

  9. Kopfkissenzerwühler says

    Ich bin jetzt genau 50, habe Tickets für Bonn gekauft… Hat einen bitteren Beigeschmack ohne Florian… Ich war 12 Jahre alt bei dem Song, mit 6 wurde ich Kraftwerk Fan… Die Zeit rennt… Mach’s gut Florian!!!

  10. Wuppie62 says

    Sollte das nicht 'Rechnerliebe' genannt werden? 🙂

  11. Micha65 says

    RIP Florian??

  12. Micha65 says

    Immer Geil???

  13. David Ramirez says

    Descansa en Paz, FlorianAquí en Colombia, sudamérica, también te escuchamos y escucharemos el legado musical que crearon. descansa en paz, hombre-máquina.

  14. MrMusicRookie says

    Ruhe in Frieden Florian Schneider

  15. Джон Лорд says

    На немецком звучит особенно красиво! Лайк!

  16. Jose Ignacio Batuecas says

    Descansa en paz Florian. Te apreciaba mucho.

  17. John Milner says

    some people say kraftwerk is teutonic and robotic music without emotions and depth. this song (or 'neonlicht' for example) prooves them wrong.

  18. Fritz Brause says

    ruhe in frieden florian!!! danke für die musik!!! du wirst immer ein teil meines musikalischen lebens sein!!!

  19. Mariana Aguirre Girón says

    rest well dear Florian, we are eternally grateful for all that you gave to us…

  20. Uwe says

    Thank you Florian for the best all-time album.

  21. Zacinator says

    Rest in piece to Florian Schneider. I only recently became became obsessed with Kraftwerk, two years ago, but when listening to 'The Robots' online, Florian's sly, disarming smile on the cover of the album was something that first conveyed the Kraftwerk way: punctual, smartly dressed, enigmatic, but not without a sense of humour. Feel a little emptier listening to this, knowing he's gone, but his legacy will live on.

  22. Nacha medicentodos says

    RIP Florian Schneider??

  23. Elke Schwalm says

    Of course, a modern classic. The most influential band after The Beatles in the 21st century. So sad to see them all go. And yet – I had a good youth to dance to this great music!

  24. Laurent Côté says

    RIP Florian kraftwerk's music changed my life forever

  25. Olli K. says

    Gute Reise Florian

  26. Puppenbühne Bauchkribbeln says

    Ruhe in Frieden und schwingenden-klingenden Atomen, Florian…? (was für eine Woche)

  27. skin09588 says


  28. wertstahl BCAD says

    R.I.P. Florian

  29. sagdieWahrheit says

    The same intro like "Talk" by Coldplay. But as I can read here Coldplay had the permission to use it.

  30. James Babson says


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