LA-MULANA (Remake) Music – Fearless Challenger ~long version~


The complete, final version of Fearless Challenger from the remake of La-Mulana, which plays at the Gate of Guidance.

The game is available on WiiWare, courtesy of EnjoyUpGames, as well as for PC on PLAYISM,, Gamers Gate, and, finally, on Steam, courtesy of Greenlight.

You can also buy this track, as well as the rest of the soundtrack, at bandcamp:

La-Mulana is (c) NIGORO.
(Official channel: )

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  1. El rana de la cripta says

    no mames jajajaja me gusta un chingo esta rolita 

  2. storedogdough says

    I redownloaded Cave Story+ just to verify this; there is no mask option present.

    If you're talking about La-Mulana: yeah, this feature was available since the first release on Playism; a great feature, especially since you can add your own border masks.

  3. CrescentFreshAtBest says

    The version on steam now offers a mask to fill the void on the sides when playing in a wide screen resolution. It also scales well at any resolution and doesn't look muddy.

  4. le luggage lad says

    But do buy Cave Story however, even if it's 'from' Nicalis

  5. storedogdough says

    The PC port also lacks widescreen support and terrible optimization for gamepad support. It's crashed on me 3 times, whereas the original version and the Wii version never did.
    At least it gives the option to remap controls, but the widescreen thing is major for me; even a pseudo, "strech-the-game-to-the-entire-screen," would be nice, so I can actually look at the sprites properly, which the Wii version did.
    Also, personally, I didn't really like the 3DS soundtrack.

  6. arahman56 says

    Depends on which one you got. the Remastered (3DS) soundtrack alone makes Cave Story+ worth it.

  7. Taterdude Guy says

    La-Mulana is has been greenlit on steam, just gotta wait for it to be in the store C:

  8. storedogdough says

    Achievements that are named after dated jokes and other (indie) games, regardless of whether or not it makes sense in context.

  9. storedogdough says

    Time to update the descriptions, again!

    Nice to hear that it's finally coming to Steam. I just hope it doesn't use meme-chievements.

  10. Serelijah says

    it's not his scream until your neighbors can taste the pain coming from headphones.

  11. storedogdough says

    Updated all related video description.

    It's a shame; I won't buy it again, unless it's on Steam, but the alternate soundpack sounds really nice.
    (I learned my lesson on buying redundant rereleases from Mine-An-Empty-Cave-Like-A-Dead-Horse Story)

  12. TheBlackCloakedMan says

    It's out on now.

  13. ReddFiveOhOh says

    @Kenpokid4 Yeah.

  14. ChristianC says


    Which scream? The reaction to the Skimpy Swimsuit?

  15. mariosonicfan2010 says


  16. Megatyrant says

    And just when I thought La Mulana's soundtrack couldn't get more awesome than it already was… This is amazing. 🙂

  17. ReddFiveOhOh says

    I heard DeceasedCrab's scream

  18. storedogdough says

    @BaronOfBacon >mfw this comes out

  19. BaronOfBacon says


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