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In this medical animation, created by Nucleus Medical Media, a normal vaginal birth is depicted, specifically highlighting the three stages of labor. The stages include the shortening and dilation of the cervix, descent and birth of the infant, and birth of the placenta.


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  1. Gacha Wolf says

    Giving birth to my son was horrible I thought to myself yeah you couldn't pay me all the money in the world to do that again 3 years later I found out I was pregnant again I was thinking fu*k 9 months later I gave birth again to a baby girl 1 year later I find out I'm pregnant again then I gave birth to another baby girl 5 years later present time I'm 8 months pregnant again why can't I freaking just stop after this baby's born in so not doing it again if I git pregnant any more I'm getting a abortion and I'm anti abortion but I can't take it anymore

  2. Thomas Gaga says

    HOW I GOT PREGNANT..I have been married since 10 years without any child . My Fallopian tubes was blocked I tried everything possible to get pregnant nothing was working. I visited so many hospital's my problem never seems to end i lost hope and feel depress. One faithful day I start checking online on how to get pregnant in the comment section people were testify about how they get result with Dr Michael .. I was suprise about The testimony and decided to talk with him about my own issue… After explaining to him he said I have to purchase some medication from him after getting this medication i became pregnant and give birth. If you want to talk to Dr Oregbore contact him on whatsApp (+2347025486474)

  3. planemod says


  4. Hillow Heavenz says

    Whoever gives thumbs down to such a video.. I just can't understand u!

  5. jc chrisrie says

    When i grow up. Having children is a fear

  6. Victoria Ineson says

    I will experience this in 12 weeks… Finally 10+years of trying. Fertility issue, pcos, and tests showing I'll never conceive, I finally did on January this year and our baby boy is due in October. I cannot wait to experience the joy of childbirth

  7. My Space says

    bloody hell…

  8. Nontobeko Mkoneni says

    Yeah I'm not having a child ❤

  9. Aesthetic potatoシ says

    Boys: girls are so week Me: ok let’s see we have to bleed once a month push a child out of us want me to continue?

  10. jorge ramirez says

    One does not truly lived until one gives life…Thanks Ericka for my two girls…I know what life is since we had our girls…

  11. Jillian Isidro says

    me as a women watching knowing what i have to go through when i want children ???

  12. dra chaivata peñ tiburón asesino 2 tiburón a says

    My experience like

  13. Pj Moore says

    I loved it so much

  14. Smart Learning 47 says

    very well done I am teacher and i like it very much

  15. Gypsy Princess says

    I shall be doing this in January…

  16. shakejen says

    I want to have 1 child, when I'm grown but damn. This is such a tough process for everyone. I respect mothers so much, they have to go through so much pain and patience! ??Sad, thing i'll have to go through this process when i am older. ??

  17. It’s Just Yasi says

    why is this making me less scared of giving birth

  18. Life By London Nicole says

    my cramps were so bad, I was afraid to have a baby. No children to this day!

  19. Karen joseph says

    I like how they make it look easy…

  20. sophie mukhlis says

    Beautiful to have your precious baby cuddling with u afterwards ??? shout out to all mom's out there who has been through this like i have its a special gift from God ???

  21. chandra babu says

    God and mother both are great

  22. alyssa says

    i really want to become a gynaecologist!! wish me luck

  23. PastelBellaa says

    i'm 8 months pregnant and i'm getting so much contractions i can not wait to see my baby girl yay 🙂

  24. Akshitha Z says

    My mother❤️

  25. Tamilpreethi Tamilpreethi says 8months of pergenancy….little Nevers excited…….

  26. salma Elmouden says


  27. Janu Chinna says

    Nice video

  28. Jhansen Bruno says

    I'm in Philippines and I have been working with the following link unsubscribe here are some of them have been? I'm Tagalog

  29. Jhansen Bruno says

    Hi please let me know what the problem is that you can get the same time I am going to the next week and I will be able to get back??

  30. Abang Rana says

    Sabung ayam cirebon

  31. sheluvjaden says

    so glad im a boy

  32. LoloRandom says

    I can’t believe I’ve went through this 3 TIMES… ??‍♀️

  33. Honky Tonkin' says

    I was present when my daughter was born :") happiest day of my life ❤️

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