Large-Scale Shooter Games that do Battlefield but BETTER!


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  1. Joseph Walls says

    Can't believe you didn't mention Arma 3 😮

  2. 金宏 says

    Better then Battlefield 5? I think every game Can.

  3. Eternally Angelic says

    I would honestly suggest Post Scriptum.. it's the first game where I realized why the the sirens on a Stuka were scary… You didn't really do Hell Let Loose or Post Scriptum justice in explanation.. Post Scriptum is very much squad based, and is pushed towards realism.. That means limited number of specialized classes. Not 30 guys all deciding to be snipers, only 2-3 snipers.. A few light machine gunners, the rest are foot soldiers, medics, or engineers.. You get 1 commander per side calling in air strikes and artillery, and coordinating the game.

  4. Albertus Alvin says

    Nice video dude

  5. Rational Consumer says

    When I tried squad I was incredibly bored. Im sure the game gets fun once you figure everything out, but the new player experience felt so god awful I couldn't be fucked to learn the game.

  6. sean yang says

    I enjoyed the video and commentary a lot, relatable opinion too. You probably said "SQUAD" 20 times in the first 60 seconds ?

  7. Reeper_7 says

    I do wish they would put squad or any arma game on console especially now that consoles have the power to run them

  8. Spunky Warlock says

    Ya, battlefield sucks now. Used to be my favorite game series, but after battlefield 5, I'm never buying another battlefield. (Didn't buy battlefield 5 either)

  9. The Warpten Show says

    With all due respect, you're trying to compare an arcade shooter (Battlefield) to milsim games (squad, post scriptum, rising storm, insurgency) Battlefront 2 & Planetside 2 are the only correct comparaison and offers on the market for an alternative to battlefield, a.k.a arcade combined arms and in that regard "World War 3" is very, very promising but you haven't spoke about it!xoxo

  10. Robert Moore says

    Battlefront is a blast for sure. However it kind of blows that consoles are so limited on games like squad and other titles mentioned in this video. Not including PlanetSide 2. I just wish we had more options.

  11. _Modern Walking_ says


  12. I_NAMELESS_I says

    Don't understand the reason recommend military simulator to BF players, it won't offer the same experience as arcade shooter games.I was BF players testing Squad and didn't have fun because it was complicated, you don't jump in and start shooting, you need mic and speak the same language as your teammates. You need to know all the control keys and how the game work, it is too complicated compare to BF which takes at least a day to learn how everthing works and it is simple you find enemy the first 20 second you jumped in the game and you just have to kill it.

  13. Ethan W says

    So none of these are on console correct?

  14. Nelson Sham says

    The Whole list you just mentioned, most of them are not arcade like any standard Battlefield, more like Forgotten Hope 2/Project Reality, mostly 1 hit kill Milsim than Arcade shooter with regenerative health bar

  15. [ЯΞDACTΞD] says

    150 on a squad server would get me to download it again.

  16. Лука Ћоровић says

    "its only 25 dollars it like 1/3 of bf" me:*visual confusion*i bought bf1 rev for 9.5 dollars

  17. Gungriffen says

    Insurgency Sandstorm in a way is more of a Hardcore COD alternative than a Battlefield one.

  18. ddongssanda says

    Disappointed not to see WW1 Game Series (Verdun and Tannenberg) on the list. 🙁

  19. Jim Slim says

    Squad is not the game it used to be. For some reason the game community have been asking devs to continually make the infantry gameplay slower and jankier and just all round less fun. And unfortunately, OWI listened. Anyone going from Battlefield to Squad is going to heavily feel the jank that is now in that game.

  20. ADIPEC PIPE says

    Squad respawns are a nightmare and engine gives distance blurry effect

  21. Travis Lucero says

    Its play to win in planetside 2

  22. COaLIcE says

    My PC can't run PlanetSide 2 ??

  23. ScytheOfLife says

    I've not touched Squad in a long time but even from memory I can vouch that most maps could do with a player count boost any boost at all would be welcome from my perspective and opinion. I can't for the life of me remember the name of the map but it felt like a CQBish urban environment quite possibly was set in Russia or maybe Ukraine. That map however I'm sure would see some benefits to increased player count but it seemed to flow quite reasonable. This is because engagements are more confined and clearing building more important than it already is. That is unless you don't mind a squad appearing from thin air too ambush a good potion of your fighting men.

  24. FLoat Sam says

    squad, ptsd simulator v2.0

  25. JJLE says

    If you want to play a ww1 game I highly recommend verdun such an a amazing game

  26. DougFunnyJunior says

    You missed Wolfenstein Enemy Territory

  27. Tiago Michel 2D says

    The sad thing is that most of these games aren't available for console, and I don't understand why

  28. King Ask says

    i thought it said "large scale school-shooter games"…..

  29. Aye Skwib says

    airborne rangers jumped in band of brothers? lol

  30. Bayram Tas says

    Spoiler alert hahahSquadPost sciptrumHell let loose Planetside 2Rising storm 2 vietnamBattlefront 2Insurgency sandstorm

  31. Rawsty Dovah says

    jajajajaja good joke

  32. Way to 1000 says

    You mention a C8 I see your a man of culture!

  33. leclerc811 says

    It's not hard to fill a server with 150 people Getting Potato computer & The server it self to survive is the hard part

  34. the crab empire says

    in planetside 2 the pay to win is that you can buy currency to buy the in game items and I believe there are some items you have to pay for with the premium currency although the first weapons you get are some of the best in the game.

  35. Jay Cee says

    No it's perfect the way it is…

  36. George 4X4 says

    Ehhh , ill stick to battlefield 3 & 4 lol ??

  37. MAACotton says

    Post Scriptum is my absolute favorite shooter

  38. Ivan Washington says

    I wish there was a military game where u can pick the branch…and u get to customize your character…and I start off at boot camp and the story say I chose Coast Gaurd…first I customize a character…then I start boot camp…then I graduate…then I train to be a boarding officer then I level up to a MSRT. Or I pick the Air Force…I finish boot camp then I go to pilot school to become a fighter pilot. And like the war would be realistic with current guns,current uniforms,etc

  39. I blend baby's says

    This is why I need a pc

  40. Marcos Fernández says

    Post Scriptum looks like a move

  41. Alx AR says

    To be honest rising storm 2 vietnam is by far the most fun. Insurgency is nice too. Planetside consumed my soul but I cant stand the TTK now a days. I waste 20 bullets in a dude and he still manages to survive wtf.

  42. VoiceMessage says

    wHen hE dOEsNt SaY aRma 3

  43. Hopps says

    i really loved battlefield 1 but servers are dead/or filled with hackers ;C

  44. x X-DNA-X x says

    I have all the games I still get bored of them xd

  45. Mombo says

    When you said Planetside I just passed away

  46. Sapphire Gamez says

    Just saying for others, I don’t think Squad and ARMA 3 or even Escape From Tarkov will ever come to console, because you can’t fit so many binds with 8 buttons.

  47. Sinking Gund says

    War of Rights
    is also an awesome game set during American Civil War

  48. Kevin S says

    Maybe you will try World War 3. The game itself is great but the player amount is low.

  49. MrDmadness says

    Awesome reviews, I have to say that battlefront 2 is fucking amazing, seeing an increase in online players after steam sale too. I got it for $20, so far my favorite star wars game ever

  50. SnappishMonkey says

    im sorry but insurgency sandstorm is absolute trash. had the potential of being great but they'll never fix the optimization. its pretty bad my 2080 ti wont push over 120 fps. not to mention the fps drops down to 40 at random.

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