LattePanda Windows 10 Single Board Computer


Unboxing and review of a LattePanda from DF Robot. This single board computer (SBC) comes installed with Windows 10, includes Arduino and Intel GPIO pins, and is available from

The LattePanda 2/32GB with a Windows 10 key can also be purchased on here:

My second LattePanda video, where I compare it with the Raspberry Pi 3, is here:

And my third, where I fit an IPS display and capacitive touch overlay, here:

And here, I use a LattePanda as my only computer for an entire week!

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  1. name2 says

    Hey look, it's the O w O computer.

  2. drop zone says

    9:11 This guy's humor! I love it! lol!

  3. handy tech says

    A PC and an Arduino in one small piece, well that is a great idea.
    Thank you for sharing this.

  4. Juan Escutia says

    The LattePanda products are garbage. After purchasing the first generation of their product with the best specs, I learned a lesson: No more LattePandas for me.

  5. عرآقي56 says

    شكم واحد عربي شاف الفيديو و ما افتهم لا يصف معاي 😂😂😂😂

  6. Manjinder Singh says

    What an explanation…awesome…..

  7. Bhathiya Perera says

    I love your videos. Very informative. Thank you.

  8. Faizan Nadeem says

    Price on aamazon pakistan

  9. Sovereign Beak says

    i bet most of the price is the windows license

  10. Stephen Patterson says

    3 years ago
    [1:01] look at his excitement :'). Oh, boy. I tell ya. About as much excitement as my Home version Vista 7. Not! lol

  11. Stephen Patterson says

    As soon as I saw the retail, $100 + $9, ya I was thinking… ya. B/S licence again. Grrr! Arf! (wild dog)

  12. HDsharp says

    Whats the purpose of using one of these mini PCs? what are the advantages exactly?

  13. JulianLD says

    Intel CPU GPIO pins? Imma short out the CPU!

  14. Rock Dubois says

    I have been watching your videos since the beginning and this one is like usual an excellent and informative video.
    Based on the video I purchased a Latte Panda 4/64GB. It came with the connector for the WiFi cable not fitting.
    Compared to other connectors of the same model, it seemed to be bend, not sure. Without the antenna no way to
    activate Win10. Finally I was able to force it in and connect to my WiFi network. The WiFi connection is slower
    than comparable single board computers I use. Fortunately this application doesn't need constant WiFi connection.
    On the positive side, the construction is excellent and I like having simple access to the external connections.
    It is the perfect solution for this project and the size fits perfectly behind the 5" LCD. Thank you for bringing it to
    our attention.

  15. Pranav R P says

    I will make the handheld game console

  16. Electromech says

    LattePanda V1 – A Powerful Windows 10 Mini PC 2GB/32GB

  17. Peter Ford says

    about as good as a cheap laptop

  18. weerobot says

    Looking back 2020…This was/is still, a Game Changer Device…

  19. Clive Mattinson says

    I'll be blunt, is Mr. Scissors married? And if he is, does he and his wife, Mrs. Scissors, have any little scissors? 😂😂😂

  20. Robert Mertens says

    I'm struggling to find an SBC that will run Windows 98 or XP (x86 32-bit), for software I have more than 40 years worth of data running. My last, surviving XP machine is still running, but I don't know how much longer. I still have the 98 and XP OS disks, but now I need a computer that will run (either of) them. I've been at it several years looking for a replacement computer that will run these programs, but I fear I'm running out of time and options.

    There are options to save my data in space/tab/comma delimited files, but this means I'll end up having to write some sort of program that will run in more modern OSs. The company that makes the software no longer supports old data sets from 1998, so that's no longer an option.

    Because Microsoft no longer supports Windows 7 (and THIS particular version of Windows 10 I'm running now), I'm changing over from Microsoft to Linux. Microsoft has really found enumerable ways to screw us over, so I'm no longer interested in their products.

    I've loaded Kubuntu onto a drive partition of my "old" Windows 7 machine, and they have this thing called "Wine", but so far, it's been a battle and the old Windows 98 software still won't run. There are other Windows emulators, but it's getting to be a crap-shoot whether things will work.

    I've gone to the Latte Panda website to try and see if their product is 32- or 64-bit, but do you know, their website, like so many others, offer anything except information. Do you know of any other options?

  21. Harry Vaughan Sr. says

    What is max size for micro sd

  22. Tomy Power says

    Yes Yes 100% Yes! Windows

  23. Srinivasarao Magi says

    introduction cpomputer parts

  24. Ahasanul haque says

    What can it be used for or rather
    What's the uses for this type of computer?

  25. Edward Brosz says

    all I use is edge, personal problems with all common others no biggie tho

  26. uğur avcı says

    I missed 4K vıdeo test?

  27. Cooking With Nani says

    I am fan of this board

  28. Adolf Hitler says

    I am a Linux guy 😎

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