Learn English 70 – Computers


Learn how to talk about the Internet in English. In this advanced English lesson you will see two friends looking for information about the weather on line. One friend is explaining to the other how to use the Internet to find this information.

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  1. Meri Football says

    very helpful video, thank's for shareing this it's almost a great practice

  2. Aliaksandr Yermakovich says

    I liked her transparent white top 🙂

  3. Khaled Doshi says

    It's a good job thanks

  4. From Azerbaijan says

    very good

  5. Bernie Diaz says

    Exelente video

  6. TheDen Jek says


  7. Teng Li says

    good lesson

  8. InterErgoSum says

    Hey Guys, thanks for these video that you've posted. Amazing Job, and very useful 🙂

  9. Skyline says

    Funny actors)

  10. Huy Nguyen says

    good i like this video series !

  11. John White Jones says

    two girls were speaking american accent ,that's not a goo way for you to study british accent ,it will make you confused..

  12. Martin Sting says

    haha what a joke!! She doesn't know how to check the weather but can write as fast as a manager…. XD

  13. Daniel Alexander says

    love these women..

  14. Zaw Min says

    look at 3:11 i don't understand what hes sayin wtf that guy said this is spam email they are u know bad guys they send many email and then they want me to send them 2 millions dollars i know most people know spam meaning is stupid and better u

  15. xshadw says

    Very helpful videos,my english language is now refreshed an increased ! keep up the good work guys !

  16. george moga says

    go to work

  17. Andrey Tsuk says

    from your list of favorites and type in some key words

  18. DanielCMM says

    some1 has a video of EF Chicago? i wanna go there

  19. Rogerio Marques Mendes says

    Very cool

  20. Nitroboss2007 says

    LOL u r lucky man u can receive 2 million dollar

  21. CrypticalK says

    * But Jane said "innernet" not internet.

    * "Favorites" (US misspelling of "favourites") is a term that is specific to Microsoft Windows Internet Explorer. Other browsers and operating systems generally refer to this functionality as bookmarks.

  22. Debin Yang says

    Thanks,but i think only these vocabulary is not enough. I hope you can speak more vocabulary. English word is independent, for example: transistor,diode. Chinese are combination words.
    transistor= 三极管,diode= 二极管. two=二,three=三.极=pole 管=tube. water tube=水管.repeated & mixed

  23. Naga Toram says

    what are these videos meant to educate? To learn english or about computers!? This could be edited into something useful.

  24. pzzr1 says

    That makes no sense.

  25. skateboardingkid96 says

    whats a computer? i never heard of such a thing, my cousin leighton used to think it was a chicken.

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