Lec 1 | MIT 6.01SC Introduction to Electrical Engineering and Computer Science I, Spring 2011


Lecture 1: Object-Oriented Programming
Instructor: Dennis Freeman
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  1. Marz Rock says

    Thank you i was enlightened by this lecture.

  2. Dre Adesina says

    wow! 2020 I'm watching this and got blown away… First Lecture all my issues with name binding, scopes, and program executions was solved. I've watched some MIT tutorial non ever disappoint but so far this is best CS lecture I've seen anywhere in an hour of lecture I feel like a CS engineer already. Thank you MIT thanks to AL Abelson and all the staffs and management of MIT. This is incredible Thanks to the Lecturer/Professor/associate professor or whatever his hierarchy is.

  3. Kitkat915e says

    Why am I here I just graduated from college :///////

  4. Vazir Vazir says


  5. 弘睿甫 says

    So can an instance run a procedure in other classes which is in the same environment as the instance?In the final example he showed that pat is in the same global environment as staff601 but when he was asking for pat.salutation was the computer looking into the attributes of staff601 which is in the same class with pat?

  6. Cream Wizard says

    his voice sounds like it's being processed through a digitech whammy pitch shifter. annoying as fuck. good lecture though

  7. Victor Hugo Alvarez says

    Like this up if you attend San Diego State !

  8. Gospodin Jean says

    youtube suggested me this video. I clicked it by accident. NOW I'M AN ENGINEER

  9. Victor Paz says

    For the next year

  10. Allcni Music Group says

    FYI:SPEEDING UP THE VIDEO SPEED DOES HELP!I run at 1.25x. 1.5x seems a little too fast.

  11. Vazir Vazir says

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  14. Thinking OFW says

    Thanks, It reminds me a lot, with my school days in Engineering

  15. Vazir Vazir says

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  16. Tushar Mahli says

    I'm here cause it is a pre-requisite for introduction to algorithms.

  17. Phasor Systems says

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  18. Alexius Czar P. Vergara says

    nice bowl cut

  19. Dave Case says

    What's the reading list?

  20. Phasor Systems says

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  21. slehc yo says

    56:07 YEET

  22. Osmar Barrientos says

    45:24 "everybody stand up"The guy in the wheelchair: you serious bitch?

  23. Prince of Japan says


  24. Aaron says

    It's not an engineering, physics, or math class unless theirs someone obnoxiously coughing throughout the whole lecture. It's like one of the fundamentals laws of physics

  25. Eric Cheltenham says

    No one:Engineers: we’re good at it. And you know it!

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