Lecture 0 – Introduction to Computer Science I


This is first lecture from the series of course “Introduction to Computer Science I”, Harvard OpenCourseWare with Instructor David J. Malan.
The Instructor is just awesome and this course is most taken, most awaited. Surely it will make you better understand Computers and Computer science.
The topics covered in this lecture are: Intro to Binary. ASCII. Algorithms. Pseudocode. Source code. Compiler. Object code. Scratch. Statements. Boolean expressions. Conditions. Loops. Variables. Functions. Arrays. Threads. Events.
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  1. Kevin Gepulle says

    for those wanting the full playlist of this available on their youtube channel… here it isCS50 -2013 Lectureshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=79gAss0K1TI&list=PLhQjrBD2T382Lqs7bsMl6WRDA9anaEzBe

  2. Maikaela ` says

    I'd like a desk lamp too :'))

  3. SongofSeven says

    Dude only just started talking and he is already sweating from running around with muppets.

  4. maxstirner242 says

    Is this obsolete at this point ?

  5. chaaylin says

    He looks like a grown up Clay Jensen

  6. Fäyè says

    THANK YOU!!! I.m a village girl from Romania looking to entering the IT field because my cashier job ( 250$ per month ) is holding my future back. This course is amazing and im SO happy you posted it because i could never afford to go to collage ! I saved in 3 months 220$ to buy a seconhand laptop ( Lenovo x250 ) and i installed manjaro gnome on it. Rn i.ll take this course and after that im planning to learn Python, Object Orientative Programing & MySQL. Hope one day i.ll escape out of this cashier lifestyle.

  7. Jeremy H R says


  8. Aneeta K says

    Great video. Love. The professor seems to be overexerting when speaking, the mic should be good enough to speak at a normal level for the humongous room to hear him (?). I wonder if he feels drained after class.

  9. Frank Delgado says

    His hairstyle was sponsored by apple

  10. Anthony says

    Eager for my second lesson

  11. noral campbell says

    Maybe I don't wanna do computer science

  12. Tyler Lavoie says

    Is no one gonna comment about the ELABORATE FRIKKIN MUPPET INTRO for this introductory college lecture youtube video!?!?!?

  13. Vajjih Ahmed says

    Can anyone tell me the summary of this video? Shortly or in detail. No issue

  14. Amine Lyaakoubi says

    This professor is the best like his full of energy I can be literally wake and happy at his class

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  16. Isaac Marks, Jr says

    thank you so much. i was having trouble following the notes online. the video adds significant connect

  17. King Nothing says

    I'm happy this guy found his passion but he jumped from 1 to 100000 @6:40

  18. Cryptic says

    Although Im a Junior High Student, but that was intresting!

  19. E Rod says

    Wow I never felt so dumb asf in my life jajajaja the teachers awesome though even though I didnt understand shit still watched it all acted like it did

  20. Lina Lin says

    he's dripping in sweat…

  21. Marco Sciliberto says


  22. L.A. gonzalez says

    Help the U.S. Government on computer contracting on countering hackers. China is already waging shadow wars against U.S.

  23. Dj Schalk says

    Not quite sure why you would disable the ability to watch these videos in embedded players. If you think that interrupts ad blockers, you are wrong. In fact, it is so much easier to obtain an ad blocker as a add-on in any modern browser than it is to find a well functioning stand alone app that both plays youtube videos as well as blocks all advertisement.You are somehow failing to take into consideration, or disregarding those of us who can not use YouTube for one particular reason or another. Please remind yourself that YouTube is not readily accessible in all countries through the traditional domain. Thank you.

  24. Arrow Master says

    Harvard logo…Then muppets…Then a lecture…

  25. Jabriil Daahir Maxamuud says

    Ayuub Daahir Maxamuud

  26. Denise says

    now I'm learning bc of quarantine

  27. Earl Sun says

    8:23 somewhere in this audience there is a muppet

  28. David Cardona says

    His computer produces more testosterone than him

  29. David Cardona says

    Man this guy is so gay better not to study this

  30. Jeremiah Quinlan says

    In collaboration with Reggie Watts

  31. Advanced Technology says

    Keep going dude

  32. Its Mauddd says

    Main lesson from this videoSit near the front so you can get a free desk lamp #lifehacks

  33. lucky888 says

    i really like your lectures from the starting

  34. Tatenda Ephraim Chipwanya says

    My First lecture in Computer Science

  35. Shan Rafnezden says

    The fastest talking professor I've ever heard.

  36. John Alston says

    this is a fucking fake site

  37. Tomasz z Krakowa says


  38. Mieks Is pacute says

    Too fast

  39. ElDiabloDelMar42 says

    Does every student puppet at Harvard start their day frantically running around listening to The English Beat?

  40. P. PSYCHO says


  41. Aayush Ranjan says

    Does he even breathe?

  42. yeshwanth kumar says

    Why HARVARD is HARVARD? see this video..

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