Leeds United FM20 | Part 10 | PERFORMANCE ISSUES | Football Manager 2020


Welcome to TomFM! In today’s Football Manager 2020 video the Leeds United FM20 save continues as we suffer from some performance issues with our league form!

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  1. Brecon Cameron says

    Great thumb nail

  2. Brecon Cameron says

    IMO sell kluviet and develop Harttman and bring in a more experienced winger for now, it'd be really hard to do but if you can afford it get Ronaldo to piss of united fans

  3. Eret Hjallsen says


  4. ibo cicek says

    drop kluivert for a few games and critique his form wait till he gets upset and asks to play regularly then watch him perform like he is messi

  5. joel smidts says

    Maybe you could first send Kluivert out on loan, wait until the summer transfer window when there's more demand for players

  6. Jayvees says

    You're very good at choosing thumbnail for this video and it is very effective.

  7. Thomas Kendell says

    See if you can get Crysencio Summerville who we just signed from Feyenoord 👍

  8. Josh Whitmore says

    Think the reason why Kluivert is struggling is because you have instructions to force play down the middle and low tempo. Think if you get ride of those things you'll be golden

  9. Pragmatic FM says

    The thumbnail is amazing XD

  10. Johno Daz says

    Really good Episode Tom. Not doing too bad at the mo :-D. Justin Kluivert has gotta go at the End of the Season if his Stats has been poor overall but for now give him a chance, maybe retrain him in the AMC Postion and see how he gets on.

  11. DeLiqueRS says

    Kluivert has atrocious decision making, concentration and composure, you should consider upgrading that position asap.

  12. Vasco Moura says

    That thumbnail was amazing

  13. Weemadmatty1 says

    This series is fantastic Tom

  14. Sports Wizard says

    You could play Kluivert as an attacking mid left instead of an inverted winger, warn him about his recent form and see how it goes from there

  15. Adam Matthews says

    The whole team has been inconsistent not just Kluivert. But they're young and will improve together 👍 I think the wages and transfer fee has ended up singling Kluivert out but honestly think he'll come good. Think you could regret selling him if you went that way

  16. Jenny Aguilar says

    HELLO, good video! 🏆🏆🏆

  17. Dodgy Dpad says

    Hlzozek is pronounced HUL-OW-SEK just say it fast

  18. Joe Ramsden says

    Sell kluivert, move vital to the left and sign Almada or Matías Palacios 👌🏻

  19. Dodgy Dpad says

    Thatnks for one of the best laughs ive ever had, and thats before ive even clicked on the video. That has got to be one of the best thumbnails ive ever seen.

  20. YaBoiHSK says

    Been loving this series so far.

  21. Kiba Kurosaki says

    First again lol, enjoying of course 🙂 I personally DON'T care about the butchered prouniations, I know who you mean 🙂 As for Kluivert, I would consider selling him but I don't know his current value in your game, hopefully you can get a little profit from it.

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