Chelsea versus barcelona mach is the bad mach ever


    Lucas Moura faz um hattrick poe o time na final e fica no banco

  3. GamingTime says

    Sergio Ramos, the king of last minute headers

  4. Porque soy yo ?? says


  5. عالم الرياضه says

    انا لست مغني ولا فنان انا فقط انشر كره القدم ولكن لا أجد من يدعمني فهل هناك من يدعم كره القدم وشكرا لكل من يشترك في قناتي

  6. Guillermo González Fernández-Argüelles says

    3:00 y 3:24 dos partidos más robados😡

  7. Guillermo González Fernández-Argüelles says

    0:48 is the best goal ever(the ramos On3)

  8. Muhammed dukureh says

    I like it

  9. ASHIQUE VP says

    3:00 don't show this, most disgraced play

  10. noah bark says

    As a Tottenham fan the first one is the best and my favourite

  11. Mesay Shibeshi Dinku says

    best goal

  12. Avilanche says

    music ??

  13. Betty James says

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  14. Superleague Mixes says

    M'bia goal vs Valencia. A goal that send Sevilla in UEL Final

  15. liam crawley says

    Defs made by a Barca fan. Saying the goal against psg completed the best ucl comeback of all time. I think Liverpool hold that title for Istanbul and probably second best against Barca 😂😂

  16. Dave Bonera says

    Imagine… 2009: Guardiola: Barca manager, Lampard: Chelsea player.
    2019:Guardiola: City manager, Lampard, Chelsea manager.

    How time flies.

  17. Simon Dam says

    Bales run 😲

  18. Ameir Syahmie says

    Its Lucas moura hoooo they've done it!!! " :')

  19. Fé & Motivação says

    Faltou o da ibertadores entre Flamengo x River Plate!!🤔🇧🇷🇦🇷

  20. Josef Schneider says

    The Watford is legendary!!!!!!

  21. luis mandujano says

    dios bendiga el futbol, ni una guerra ganada genera tanta alegria y llanto

  22. king Gold says

    sirgeo ramos is last time man

  23. Clyde FF says


  24. Martin Avalos says

    El mejor el de Messi que lo metio vs 10 y le dio 3 puntos que no sirvieron de nada

  25. Kunwar Sa says

    PSG- Barcelona biggest robbery of all time.

  26. Venkatesh Purankar says

    Every goal was legendary except the mario gotze gaol AGAINST Argentina in the FIFA World Cup finals

  27. Serkan kops says

    Turkey last minute goal vs Croatia in euro 2008 ?

  28. Arza Torun says

    Ramos joined the chat
    Barcelona & Atletico left the chat

  29. Firing Snooker says

    aguero goal

  30. SERDAR BAYDİL says

    Turkey çek cumhuriyeti 3.2 👑

  31. Sp!rix says

    I could watch the video 100 times

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