Leicester City vs Chelsea | Key Moments | Quarter-Finals | Emirates FA Cup 2019/20


Ross Barkley scored the winner for Chelsea and Frank Lampard against Leicester City in their quarter-final, putting them into the semi-finals of the Emirates FA Cup.

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  1. The Emirates FA Cup says

    Extended highlights will be live on the channel at 12pm BST tomorrow.

  2. Juan fernando Vargas parra says


  3. dcoog anml says

    Come on Chelsea Lampard the future ?????

  4. yasio bolo says

    Come on Chelsea Lampard the future ?????

  5. bcvbb hyui says

    Love this show, wake up early just to watch it ??

  6. eioshen boboi says

    Great performance, played bad in the first half but changed.

  7. Ailsa Ni says

    Kasper Schmeichel is becoming his own legend as a keeper.

  8. vbddfy euuyt says

    63' Ross Barkley (0-1)

  9. ابن حمص says


  10. bssni touir says

    Wow, those saves by Schmeichel!!!


    If Champions League in Indonesiahttps://youtu.be/XLHWZM0GPHc

  12. yaliso gioouy says

    Kasper, the most underrated keeper in the prem for me, world class?…

  13. Juliet Ewulum says


  14. Masea Media says

    Great performance from Chelsea FC…???

  15. Chris says

    1:53 literally 4 on 2 and he couldn't hit anyone with a decent pass, smh

  16. Saket Malik says

    best https://youtu.be/r0zlXqRA1kA

  17. 10K Subscribers without any video challenge says

    Chelsea alll the way

  18. lucas castro says

    Vamos chelsea!

  19. Arnav Upadhyay says

    Not gonna lie… they had us in the first half

  20. Cameron says


  21. Poiuh Mnbvc says

    DFF n7 html pea @

  22. Arijan Ramadani says

    Why does barkley always choose the worst option like he had so much time, he thinks and thinks and in the end screws it

  23. foopyu nooui says

    It's De Bryune's birthday today. Would be nice to see him scoring a goal on his special day

  24. Tony Torrez says


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