1. Donny Brook says

    Jeffrey Lewis's song "Chelsea hotel oral sex song" sent me here. Go check it out

  2. Joseph Gregor says

    “Clenching your fists, for the ones like us.” @Kyle bauske

  3. Anna Fugagnoli says

    I miss you Leonard

  4. colin cronin says

    Check this outhttps://m.youtube.com/watch?v=WXH1KfXu56A

  5. Crow's Cavern says

    I love that most of these comments are about THROAM. Anna Green's impact is UNMATCHED

  6. Brenda Pachuau says


  7. David Mitnick says

    Leonard Cohen and New York City: two things we'll never get back.

  8. Esmeralda Figueiredo says

    Two stars in heaven.. love both❤

  9. Bad Thoughts says

    Who didn't Leonard Cohen fuck?

  10. UriahJabez says

    I lost all respect for Leonard after hearing this song.

  11. Ammamth says

    Quando sento questo brano, mi vien da piangere per la morte di Janis.?

  12. Ammamth says

    For Janis!

  13. BUBANNER says

    Crazy song. Doesn't really sound like a song at all. Just his thoughts that he wrote down and attempted to sing.

  14. E.P. Brohltal-Eifel -Rheinland-Pfalz-DE says


  15. Each Fallen Robin says

    My username references this fine poetry

  16. Frederik Capilz says

    2020 champions

  17. taylor gaga perry says

    Im here for Lana, but this song is beatiful!

  18. Beatrice Mollo says

    In his later years, Leonard Cohen, has revealed that he had a casual relationship with Janis Joplin, who would be the star of the famous song Chelsea Hotel #2.

  19. Y. Ş. says

    “Seni hatırlıyorum Chelsea Oteli’ndeMeşhurdun, yüreğin bir efsaneTekrar tekrar söylerdin yakışıklı erkek isterim diyeAma bana bir kıyak yapacaktın işte”..

  20. şükrü aydınlı says

    Her yerde biz varız yâda bizden birileri.

  21. Adam H says

    1:48 Incel!

  22. Carlos David Luna Samacá says

    long may he live

  23. 9U8L9 UL says

    קולנוע לב

  24. Sheila Broughton says

    Was thinking about youWasn't me

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