"LEONISA" Colombia Moda 2014 by Fashion Channel


“LEONISA” Colombia Moda 2014 by Fashion Channel






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  1. Мария Демидович says


  2. um02122 says

    03:30 nice catwalk

  3. Nevzat düzel says


  4. Andreas Reubelt says

    Mama Mia.

  5. Игорь Обогоев says

    Бьютифул, блондинка ?????✌️?????

  6. pantera nera says


  7. Lastman Standing says

    Pffff…..I've seen better looking and dressed women at Walmart!I'm kidding! I'm kidding!!

  8. AK 4o says

    They're all beautiful

  9. elGreko says

    4:51, 9:00, 13:26 17:18, Katia Tavarez ?

  10. Robert Bone says

    Are all these woman from Colombia?

  11. Richard Wilson says

    4:15 butt why?

  12. Claudio Natalini says

    Só gata

  13. vert krut says

    фашизм – селекция на людях как на животных и растениях деление общества на элиту и неудачников отбросы общества

  14. Jaspal Singh Sindharh says

    Fantastic. Columbiana are the most beautiful. Best exercise video. Beautiful bodies are inspiring.

  15. Maksim Chigwincew says

    3:50 огонь девочка

  16. 林浩雍 says

    What's the name of the model at 11:16 ,

  17. Вячеслав Рудин says

    Все прекрасные!!!!

  18. Lezgin Kusarskiy says

    Wow! Wow! Wow!?

  19. Муж Дома says


  20. Мухаммадрасул Magomedov says

    Режисёра надо на кол посадить…

  21. Donald Labshere says

    Nina agdal

  22. Dick Ritchie says

    What beauty. ?❤️

  23. juan altredo says


  24. Bernard Kriel says

    my eye started twitching at 11:30 …..damn a lamb she is hot !

  25. ali yigitsy says

    Na klar liebe ich nur hübsche Mädels ?

  26. Hammerschlägen M says

    Great looking gals… but some of them are just too skinny

  27. Lastman Standing says

    Question: What's the song playing in the mind of each of these models?Answer: "I'm Sexy and I Know It"

  28. Von Dutch says

    3:05 pretty blonde

  29. Anh-Tu, Phuc Hoang says

    ok this show is defiled.

  30. Сашок 73 says

    Девочки конечно кайфовые а оператор какой то осёл !

  31. Александр Иванов says

    Девок кормить надо.Прибавьте им зарплату.Дохленькие однако!

  32. Admilson Santos says


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