Les Misérables: Beautiful ending from the 2012 movie (HQ audio)


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Movie clip:

Les Misérables: Beautiful ending from the 2012 movie
Best Musical Moment from The 2012 Movie
Epilogue [Jean Valjean’s death]
The Musical (Claude-Michel Schönberg)
Anne Hathaway (Fantine) & Hugh Jackman (Jean Valjean)
Movie Film “Les Miserables” (2012) The Motion Picture Soundtrack
OST Score Music BSO Banda sonora original

Take my hand, I’ll lead you to salvation…
Take my love, for love is everlasting.
And remember the truth that once was spoken:
To love another person is to see the Face of God!

Toma mi mano, y te conduciré a la salvación…
Toma mi amor, porque el amor es eterno.
Y recuerda la verdad que una vez fue dicha:
¡Amar a otra persona es ver el Rostro de Dios!

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  1. Kiwii says

    i saw this live, having not ever listened to it and i cried so much. When Eponine died, when Valjean died, all of the deaths, the end, EVERYTHING

  2. Jorgeloves says


  3. Mairead Cunningham says

    I cried watching this in the film 🙁

  4. Jorgeloves says

    Cinema and Music / Cine y Música (Compilation HD Video) Tribute to Cinema

  5. Maria Pinero says

    Omg can't stop crying

  6. Alex says

    Oh dear how much i've cried

  7. bio2020 says

    Because Ben Affleck made a movie that Jews really like. anti-Iran

  8. elleyvuong says

    why did this not win an oscar

  9. Jorgeloves says

    Valjean's Death.

  10. Joelle says

    Do you have any idea what the name of this song is?

  11. Jorgeloves says

    So thank you so much… ツ

  12. Joelle says

    I'm responsible for at least 500 of these views

  13. SungSoon DeSouza says

    They are such a beautiful couple, which I mean as in friendship, if that makes sense.

  14. Jorgeloves says

    You're right!! ツ

  15. SungSoon DeSouza says

    It is so sad, but beautiful. I cried in that part. In my opinion, it was such a beautiful movie.

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