1. ivan gamer 43 says

    Is complete the game

  2. iScrappzi says

    what i don't speak Chinese

  3. iScrappzi says

    5:02 me too I love peanut butter . lol

  4. DAVID4GAMER says

    its a very good game with the style of mario strikers

  5. c h u a n says


  6. Gabriela MIKULIC MEGA says

    Bravo rasturio si ih

  7. sutarmo86 says

    Hey your players is same to me! i make it with "soccer skills" team name (note: astronouts has better abilities than skill zone characters)

  8. Luke Bergeron says

    what a sve at 5:40

  9. Andy Kim says

    what a close goal on 4:22

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