Let's Try COVID: The Outbreak – Race for the Vaccine!


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COVID: The Outbreak is an indie strategy game where you control the Global Health Organization amid a disastrous coronavirus outbreak! Allocate global resources to contain the outbreak and buy time to develop a life-saving vaccine! The game has a strong emphasis on education, utilizing realistic infection and mortality rates while offering several different real-life approaches to withstanding the disease.

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No copyright infringement intended. COVID: The Outbreak copyright is owned by their respective owners which includes but is not limited to Jujubee. I did not make the game (or assets) and do not claim to. I do claim recording the video and audio associated with this playthrough.

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  1. Aren Skywalker says

    This is an interesting game. They should add more disease types like Plague Inc.

  2. Aren Skywalker says

    Poor Myanmar. Even the game calls them Burma.

  3. The_Matad0r says

    The only problem with this is humans wouldn’t listen even this much. 😉

  4. supermanager1 says

    The game must've used the "Global Health Organization" because the "World Health Organization" was busy taking money from China rather than fighting the virus.

  5. Askyre says

    one man ate a bat and brought the whole world to a halt

  6. StickOfGlory GD says

    Dislikes are china goverment

  7. Nero Bernardino says

    Wait, the virus doesn't start in China? huh.

  8. CCaprice says

    Looks pretty cool.

  9. Snarky Goblin225 says

    can't be too realistic since New Zealand is missing

  10. Darren says

    unrealistic, if you play as the leader of WHO the goal is to lick China's ass

  11. Daniela Renneckendorf says

    why does everybody try to create a vaccine medicine would be far better you cant vaccinate people that have covid-19

  12. loukas vandoros says

    It reminds me of a game called QUARANTINE

  13. hopeseekr says

    Dear Pravus, thanks to this video, I am now constantly refreshing the COVID: The Outbreak page for when it will release, hopefully any minute now! https://store.steampowered.com/app/1287000/COVID_The_Outbreak/

  14. peter22111111 says

    First thing first,find CCP for money.

  15. Deedless Deity says

    This game assumes the WHO is actually doing its job and not the corrupt ideologically possessed shitstain that even promotes pseudo-science in the ICD-11 on top that it is and helped make coro-chan the horrid outbreak it has become.

  16. Irfan Shah says

    Developer – ChinaFunded by – America

  17. Frosty. says

    its crazy how people are acting like covid is basically the zombie virus beginning to spread lolI like how calm and calculated this whole game looks.(some of the ui could use some polish though)

  18. Achroknight says

    I felt you explained the game pretty well, though for my taste, you talked a tad too fast here and there! Keep it up! 😛

  19. PED RO says

    what a CRAP !!!

  20. Noah says

    let me guess this game is banned in china

  21. Raffaele Piccini says

    All the maps are really badly done.. they don't display the data they try to very well… They just show numbers for every country on a map…A heat map that uses a range of colours (red to green for example) to represent those values would be way easier to visually interprete and it would look much better…

  22. CERES VESTA says

    It looks like a grand strategy game for a pandemic, seems promising!

  23. Max Liu says

    I like how he’s getting more hate for being transparent about this sponsorship.

  24. Norberto Barraca Jr says

    This game is sponsored by CCP because the virus does not start from them.???

  25. e1337prodigy says

    This game actually looks quite good. Well done. It also looks hard and difficult; like trying to defeat Covid is in real life.edit: 8:33 when you say we, who are you referring to, which country are we playing as to influence over China? Or are we not a country just a Global Health company?

  26. A. Criticus says

    Holy craep. This unreleased beta is so complex.

  27. Bane McDeath says

    I need to try a harder difficulty. I'm playing as the GHO doing minimal to nothing. I just let the virus spread and make no recommendations other than letting events and holidays take place. I am just watching and fast forwarding time. I"m on easy though and noticed your virus level was high. Mine hasn't gone above lvl 6. I am down to 6,704, 884,032 people left alive, 816,600,500 infected, 873,790,144 dead, 89,702,660 immune. I'm at 2022/05/01. So perhaps there is a limit on certain levels. I'll try hard and see how fast population goes down. I've made suggestions and certainly haven't explored the normal game possibilities. Its interesting. I wonder how many years on easy can go on. Fear level dropped from 9 to 7 though atm.

  28. j lc says

    Player 2 launch detected

  29. Digital Packrat says

    People didnt wast anytime capitalizing on the current global pandemic.

  30. Cesar Varela Correa says


  31. Konstantin Mitsev says

    If only your videos were made without this annoying voice… Can't bear too much of this squealing…

  32. Ivan abdurrofi Al hakim says

    So this is what happens when the WHO does its job right. Not like this WHO who is corrupted by china who covered up the virus.

  33. Jos Neira says

    if the game was developed from 2017, how is it , that it's released now?….and why would this strain?, of the virus be called SARS Covid 19?, that's confusing for me,. anyway the developers derserve some real kudos for this, it's the best game in specific genre, of games, and a very good strategy game, and the fact they're donating there likely best sales period, ie on release, deserves my respect at least anyway……stay safe people

  34. The nextinline says

    This "game" really highlights what a huge fuckin scumbag the WHO is. They spread a disease to get more money and influence. As simple as that.

  35. lqlqlq .mp3 says

    This game is more complicated than the real pandemic we are in atm…

  36. DJ Dogs Wallop says

    It was only a matter of time before someone came up with it

  37. Abq_ri says

    I've seen Drew play this and fails miserably

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