1. Neerod Ryan says

    I love your energy the light skin gal was on point

  2. Princess Loveth Udogu says

    You guys can dance oooo, wow this is amazing

  3. Perfect E says

    These girls are too good

  4. Tashell Clarke says

    They all look like real Dolls

  5. La negra says

    Can I join as a freshman with no experience?

  6. Santiago Elias Mosquera Chiquillo says

    Song at @6:00 ??

  7. Hope john says

    My fav??

  8. Success Eddy says

    l love ur moves..I wish I can be part of it

  9. Adams l'ivoirien Meïte doss says

    formidable respect très forte

  10. Sportster832 says

    Great job!

  11. Juhaira Meyer says

    What are the songs ?

  12. Queen Of Queens says

    Mr eazi bankulize.yessss! life .

  13. Ajirowo says

    what is name of the first song ?

  14. Ayomide F says

    Song at 4:30??

  15. Queen K says

    @ 4:17 who sang the song?

  16. Dolapo O. says

    please ooo. we need more lol

  17. Eseosa Omoregbee says

    what school is this?

  18. Blessing Oradiegwu says

    What's the name of the 5th song please !?

  19. New visionz says

    dope video!

  20. IeshaBoo says

    This has to be my favorite dance video like I wish my ASA team was like this y'all gave face and everything like this look bomb asf ❤️?

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