Liberal Hipsters Get STRANDED at Panama Music Festival After COVID-19 Quarantine


Liberal hipsters get stranded on Panama island after the Tribal Gathering music festival gets quarantined due to COVID-19.
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  1. Pirate Skeleton says

    Hopefully some of them learn just how strong their principles hold up against a harsh reality.

  2. [BLANK] says


  3. okiedouk says

    Aw man forgot about them.

  4. DARK SPECTER says

    Honeys n mad drugs

  5. DARK SPECTER says

    Can we send them all to that island

  6. Aaron Holder says

    You're mistaking the hipster crowd for the music festival crowd. The hipsters would have went to fyre fest, while these people are just hippy people that like music festivals. I don't think you could have dragged hipsters to this festival. And also I have no idea why you would assume that all of them are shallow. I'm willing to bet there is the same percentage of shallow people in that group, as there is in your group.

  7. Trayce Martineau says

    Imagine going to Panama just to listen to music and do drugs. You can do that at home.

  8. 30 Year Old Boomer says

    @ 1:39 NOT White!

  9. Chilli Cao says

    MR OBVIOUS you have NO idea what you are talking about here. The hippies in this video and the "modern hipsters" you are referring to are COMPLETELY different things – maybe the ONLY common thing they got is the beard – but is this a stereotype in your mind? If you have a beard then you are a hipster and you like starbucks and Apple? lol that is very narrowminded. It seems you are just doing it in attempt to satire for humour, ok. #fail

  10. TheGreatVictorNewman says

    The sims cast away! LMFAO 🤣😆😆😆!

  11. zepsett says

    People don't work for work's sake. They work to add value to the system, and get reimbursed for this addition. Burgers don't cook themselves. Textiles don't appear out of thin air. Gasoline doesn't ooze out of the ground.

  12. zepsett says

    Learn how to pronounce words like grandiose.

  13. EinsamPibroch278 says

    Even in socialism, everyone still has to work, however, those who do work will still only receive a restricted allotment. Way to have an eye-opening experience.

  14. Diane Brooks says

    I've been to totally poverty stricken sections of Mexico, people abandoned by government (Mexicans can be very prejudiced against the native Indians). The people were LITERALLY dirt poor, yet happy. The kids played in the river of sewage that ran through the street. They huddled under tarps for warmth. Despite all this, they were thankful for everything they had. I look at stuck up rich americans and am sad to see all the entitlement. Remember where you came from! Most all of us are descendents of poor migrant people who had nothing and appreciated everything!

    To clarify my rant a little more, I hope those tourists thanked the Panama government and people for all their help, because they sound entitled as heck

  15. Other Name says

    Really like your channel, agree with you on mostly all of them. But you are WAAAY off the mark on this one bud. You're really really grossly mistaken about the festival goers "wealthy" "hipsters". Grouping several different groups into one, and none of them are accurate representations. Very intellectually disingenuous, and spewing too much undue hate. You really did a poor job here. So much generalizing, and hate. Thumbs up on all the videos I've watched of yours. Big thumbs down on this one. These aren't the retard antifa types. Tone down the hateful rhetoric please.

  16. Wes Small says

    What's the big deal? Get to spend some extra time on a beautiful island with all your peers.

  17. Amir W says

    I think you don't know what is the definition of an hipster mate. "A bunch of hipsters".. I think you have a personal Grudge about hipsters and you make everything related to them: hippies, builders, psytrance lovers are all hipsters for you apparently. Maybe don't say 330 times hipsters in the video and it will have more content..

  18. i BleedPxL says

    Omg you defintly not even know what festival you‘re talking about. You yourself try to make content in the easiest way possible without even knowing anything more than the basics. You defintetly know shit about trance; most people on trance festivals are actually hippies not hipsters 😂 you put yourself higher but if listen what your saying you just soundjealous becauseyou can‘t afford it; i guess because thats also someone else false right? Most travel in groups around 25-30% are students and still get there😳 besides just how long you talk about that idiot that mistook someone elses photo for himself shows how shallow your own research is. So much for beeing shallow; your the same level like those hippsters you describe and even of your point about hippsters is almost correct you don‘t even put enough effort in Research instead of just interpretting a vice video😂🤷‍♂️ but thanks for the laugh. Btw if i where you i would stop interpreting people depending on their looks humanity has evolved beyond that point that‘s nazithinking btw (and i‘m german so don‘t even try to tell me it’s not; because it‘s kind of our legacy to break that way of thinking where ever we see it🤷‍♂️) but kudos to that level of irpny and total lack of self reflection 😂

  19. Lemond Ads says


  20. Torin says


    n. A practice or habit considered to be evil, degrading, or immoral.

  21. FIDDLEBACK ! says

    Should be Lord of the Horse Flies by now. 🤘🐸👌

  22. Cyphlix says

    What do they call this gathering, Lord of the Soys?

  23. SLANDERBOB says

    Check your lore bro. They're hippies not hipsters.

  24. Simon Peter says

    They went for spirituality, they got it. Hard work is good for the soul.

  25. Nah, I’m just a white Guy says

    👃🏼@ 1:48

  26. Simon Peter says


  27. NWSaiyanX says

    Hipsters are probably the most capitalist people ever…and they HATE capitalism? wow

  28. Rambling Ryan says

    I know when I'm trying to save the world, I like to fly halfway around the world and go to a music festival to creep on women and get high. That's how were gonna do it bros! Let's get on it!

  29. GdBiker says


  30. Charles Dada says

    You can almost smell the BO and see the VD from here.

  31. sam m says

    Symbiosis lol

  32. Some Dandy says

    These idiots wouldn't last 2 minutes at Burning Man….which got cancelled this year because of COVID.

  33. Some Dandy says

    How did the VICE people get back off the island to make this report?
    Also…LOVE the term Hipstercrite. Well done, sir!

  34. Jack Hazardous says

    Is Panama the worst place you can be stuck? Pretty sure the quality of life there is first world.

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