Liechtenstein (Europe) Vacation Travel Video Guide


Travel video about destination Liechtenstein in Europe.
In the middle of the triangular border of Germany, Austria and Switzerland lies a treasure of the European Alps, the Principality of Liechtenstein. Hardly anywhere else in Central Europe has experienced such a rapid transformation from a dreamy agrarian state into one of the wealthiest countries in the world. Bendern, part of the village of Gamprin, is one of eleven municipalities and lies to the south-west side of the Eschner Mountain. The view glides across the foothills of the romantic Rhine Valley and up to the massive Swiss Schwäg-Alp. The Schaedler ceramics workshop in Nendeln is one of the oldest commercial enterprises in Liechtenstein and features handmade works of art. Since 1836, they have specialised in earthenware, exclusive ceramic art and tilted stoves. Schaan forms the border to the Oberland, a charming municipality with an attractive town centre. A parish hall and provision of good restaurants reflect the success of the global companies that are located there. Liechtenstein Castle looms majestically above Vaduz, the capital. Saint Florin is located on the edge of the old town it was built in 1868 in Neo-Gothic style and in 1997 officially dedicated as a cathedral. From the Sareiser Joch there are several trails along the ridge such as the Princess Gina Route that traverses various mountains of the border triangle. More than four hundred well marked hiking trails are offered throughout Liechtenstein, plus a hundred and sixty kilometres in the Alps. The Principality is a treasure trove of both landscape and culture with mountains, pastures, castles, fortresses and museums. But Liechtenstein has also become a small, modern state with a vital and indelible focus on finance and industry, a tiny paradise that is also an important economic power.

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  1. J K J all in one says

    Poli place… ????

  2. Selvir Zukic says

    Schone ale Lichtenstein

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  4. Ramesh Chandra Sharma says

    wo(^^)v waw I

  5. Chena chao says

    Mauren – 7 hills

  6. Cora The Explorer says

    So pretty it's my dream to visit this place when I go touring in Europe in a campervan.

  7. Silvia Wurm says

    Only on the border of switzerland and austria, nothing germany

  8. Stepanyan 94 TV says

    I love you #LIE ?

  9. Pizza Rules says

    I take issue with the comment about commemorating "the mother of G-D"… that's blasphemy. Otherwise, beautiful country and nice video.

  10. Rimon Shimla says

    There is no airport how can entire there with Liechtenstein tourist visa

  11. Dr. William Jarvis says

    A superb and enjoyable documentary of the Principality of Liechtenstein. Thank you.

  12. Ban Powel says

    ?and its full of secret bank accounts?how convienient?mmmmmmmmmm

  13. voyageurization says

    I will go to Liechtenstein to set a world record. "3 times running around the border lines in one day" … 🙂

  14. Ella Johnson says

    Would love to visit and would love if someone could please tell me roughly the cost of hotels and b&b. And also if its cost friendly for tourists.

  15. Joan says

    Holly smokes, why have I never heard of this country before? 🙁 Can't wait to visit it!!!

  16. Bob Anderson says

    These people should import thousands of Muslim African male, military age migrants to strengthen them like other Western countries. Diversity is our strength whitey.

  17. Dr. William Jarvis says

    A superb travel video of the wonderful Principality of Liechtenstein.

  18. Prasanna Chitnis says

    Had Hitler captured it in 2nd W.War ?

  19. Prasanna Chitnis says

    Wonderful country , hope its not on its way to be Islamic Republic like England : with love from India ?

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  21. Sef Frommelt says

    wish i could come home

  22. elegy slp says

    Beautiful country and lovely buildings too. But where are the people ?

  23. live oak says

    do they have chemtrails there?

  24. frawldog says

    Headed there in a few weeks. Any recommendations?

  25. Serhat Turker says

    I was just in Lichtenstein last Saturday with my kids. I loved it but my kids were so bored because the weather was gloomy and cold for them. I am back in USA now and it was just like a dream. I love Europe and the culture of all those different countries in such a small area compared to US. I am already looking forward to visiting again soon.

  26. Pia H says

    Sprechen die Leute auch Deutsch??

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  28. essence deamor says

    L<3vely video

  29. un park says

    doggy bothering music!

  30. Teddy Kurniawan says

    My Travel bucket list! 🙂

  31. Yuri Shevchenko says

    such a beautiful country!

  32. justafeather says

    Don't trust any of the pronunciations that were given, they're all completely wrong XD

  33. James Bednar says

    Got to visit Liechtenstein way back in 1986 while stationed in Germany. Took a 4-countries-in-3-days tour just to visit Liechtenstein. Beautiful country. Hope to visit again someday.

  34. Însan Sevgisi says

    Huzur ??‍♀️?? ??‍♀️Lovely, what a peacful place! Beautiful country, I want to be there soon!

  35. Toni Frischknecht says

    we love Liechtenstein, both do not need passport to cross the boarder and use same money

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