Life as a Fashion Director


This is how our B&E Happy Summer Collection came to be. We worked diligently this season and thanks again my lovely B&E team!

Shop the Blanc & Eclare “Happy Summer Collection”

Making My Own Birthday Cake
My forever favorite fashion items
What’s in my bag


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  1. Stanford Leeham says

    Too many woman designer.. Then there are no idea of typical design for fashion….. I think… Longer or little bit of jacket or suit jacket style… Little of point or……there are only woman designer. Key is ratio of fashion designer is 5 and 2

  2. Sali X says

    I love the lavender cap it's cute, vibrant and just good to look at

  3. Eya Morales says

    Omg you’re so cool 🙁 This is my dream job huhuhu

  4. Vy Cherry says

    With love from VietNam

  5. Rezzmari says

    Just went to her site and no offense, but her clothes are stupid expensive. I am not paying over 70 dollars for a t-shirt. ??

  6. 서다라 says


  7. Peter Mok says

    So glad to see sica feel happy doing everything she loves!!!

  8. SINTA P says

    It's 3 am and i'm addicted with jessica videos ??

  9. Adryanna Mataele says

    I love seeing the behind the scenes stuff to these kinds of jobs, and I love seeing Jessica doing her thang … I know she always posts and stuff but I always want to say that I MISS HER lol

  10. Kim Taeyeon is my everything says

    I have never owned a pair of sunglasses before, but after buying Istanbul from Blanc and Eclare, they’re my most prized possession.

  11. 21 says


  12. Tan Zi Wei says

    Can I ask what is your leadership style and how you show your leadership because I have to do my assignment and I had to choose a successful leader, so I chose you.

  13. TONTON SHIDAE 톤톤 시대 TTSD says


  14. TONTON SHIDAE 톤톤 시대 TTSD says

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  15. Cecilyy says

    ofc no diversty

  16. 黄先生的卡比兽 says

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  17. sheeny lantern says

    Happy La la la

  18. Nguyễn Huy Hải says

    'Happy'? Okay, TaengSic.

  19. Nguyễn Huy Hải says

    Powerful CEO.

  20. Miss Immigrant says

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  21. Percuma Percuma says

    I from Indonesia

  22. Sabilia Abbasiyah says

    I love u so much!!!?❤️

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