Linus Reacts to 49 Hour Marvel Movie


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  1. Atul Aditya says

    I was amused when they had their thor movies confused. Ragnarok was the third one Linus, almost. everyone loved it. People hated the second one Dark world, which is actually pretty meh.

  2. Fun Productions Inc says

    "the analysis some people do" I feel attacked

  3. Robert Cercel says

    source? where can I find this Twitter thread?

  4. Black-Zombie13 says

    49 hours is not a lot of movies cuz they are 2 hours Long or 3… Same are an hour/half which if they all were the maybe it will be a lot to watch…

  5. Filip Krč says

    Does anyone have the link to download it?

  6. Japet Adrian Javier says


  7. jaxon frazier says

    How do i watch it?

  8. Anuj Gupta says

    Does anyone have the link?

  9. ArrowTech Industries says

    Who was the one that put all them in chronological order

  10. Honey BBQ Sauce says

    Yify "dash" torrent "dot" cc Malwarebytes premium blocks a hella lot of sketchy stuff from them, But Hey… Download as much as you want at your leisure without a single response from your ISP with no need for a VPN. Oh btw, This tip came from a friend, I don't break the law.

  11. taemr says

    Piracy is wrong. Please don’t steal other peoples hard work.

  12. Rog Rig reboot 2020 says

    I just realized that this channel was created on sep 20 2019These are deepfake aliens pretending to be Linus and luke.

  13. Ryan Ho says

    movies have kaboom but theres also some deeper meaning and easter eggs that makes them more interesting lol

  14. Duny645 says

    I think you're getting Thor 2 The Dark World confused with Thor Ragnarok. Ragnarok was amazing and The Dark World was one of the worst Marvel movies for a lot of people.

  15. janemba42 says

    Thor Ragnarok? More like BORE Ragnarok.

  16. Paul Newton says

    Supercuts need a distributable text based format and video-player support to just use the dvds you own.Theirs EDL's for NLE software just need the same for something like VLC

  17. Abiy BattleSpell says

    id pay for this if it came frm the source. also shame on u luke

  18. Jake says

    They've only got worse, it's just cheezy punch line garbage.

  19. DrewciferGJones says

    Timleftwich did the edit; it’s amazing!

  20. Castigar_48 says

    top top top level banter right here. Get it while its hot folks. premium content

  21. Germano Michelon Santos says

    Does anybody know where i can find this movie? Any links?

  22. Chef Boy RD says


  23. Dwight Parker says

    Unless you use PIA…. I don't know what you're talking about…

  24. Butter box says

    I actually watched this over 2 weeks. It was very good. Everything just leads up to Thanos and it was insane. It took up a quarter of my hdd.

  25. Lycan says

    Ragnarok was fucking trash it was like it was trying too hard to be Guardians of the Galaxy but failed at it, first time watching had to stop and drop it there and only finished it like a week later, so bad.

  26. Prich038 says

    I got all the MCU films on Blu-ray. I collect them as the Phases so Phase 1, 2 , 3 Part 1 and 3 Par 2. Boxes look awesome and come with extra goodies and posters for all the films.

  27. Prich038 says

    There are 3 Thor films lol, 3rd one is the funny one

  28. sk1llRaoh says

    with "brain off" i dont have to watch a movie.

  29. Gadget Sector says

    I was mad Linus didn't care until he said he would if it was Star Wars. Now I'm ok

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