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  1. Orlando Fernandes says

    Pa mim esse Lionel Messi e uma lenda já passou Pelé pra mim melhor jogador de todos os tempos de futebol mundial sempre ???

  2. Orlando Fernandes says

    Cada um tem sua opinião pra Lionel Messi e o melhor jogador que eu vi jogar nuca vi ninguém igual esse cara e de outro planeta so fã ?????

  3. Orlando Fernandes says

    Querendo ou não Messi e o melhor jogador da história do futebol pra Pelé CR7 Ronaldo Ronaldinho gaúcho Lionel Messi melhor de todos os tempos ??

  4. Chanell gemesin says

  5. Abduraxman Jòryev says

    Lionel best of the best

  6. Mero Misse says

    Misse ????✨????????⚽⚽⚽?????️????????

  7. Efipe ! says

    Joga mto fácil ntj

  8. Joselma Lima viana says

    E bom demais bravo também

  9. Hakob Aslanyan says

    Ara de messin urisa;;;;;;

  10. Abhijith Krishna says

    The name Messi means impossible

  11. Amine Rojola says

    The best in All Times

  12. Rodrigo Venâncio says

    Faz do Everton Ribeiro 19/20 por favor ??

  13. Hazren Shah says subscribe mu channel, thanks all

  14. Md Joy says

    Lieo Messi is a best player in world

  15. Abdo Hamada says


  16. Black Scrotum says

    Lewa might be scoring more but the fact this Barca team is regressing and Messi is still producing and running the play like a Demi god makes him the best ever for me

  17. Subu Ash says

    Wow incredible little messi?i'm a big fan of him….??

  18. Ven Quarrie says

    Goat Leo

  19. Caleb Jennings says

    Anyone else think he’s unusually quick this year?

  20. AkSoccer says like to messi, subscribe I will reply you

  21. Niell Divulga BR says

    Alguém sabe o nome da segunda música?

  22. Tekkerz Ent says

    Can u create a intro for me please

  23. Kareem Lewis says

    Penaldo fans punching the air right now

  24. Haneefa K says


  25. Elemental Comps FHD says

    Thiago you spelt Copyright wrong, double check 🙂

  26. Cristiane Barros says

    Messi skills

  27. Maturnuwun says

    come on see my channel, for see beatiful skill football player

  28. Dang Tran says

    VN đeo nồ

  29. Júlio César Vieira says

    horrible music

  30. Elird Qarri says

  31. goku Son says

    God of Football ⚽️?❤??

  32. Sanin S says

    Love you Messi ??

  33. Daniel gamer Rodrigues Ferreira says

    arrasou no vídeo

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