1. Messi Magic™ says

    I know we all have watched these moments from Messi already over and over again. Still I am uploading this video to remind the doubters who is the greatest footballer ever. Remember these moments before ever comparing Lionel Messi to any player of past, present or future.

  2. tigo .__. says

    He is too good .

  3. Andres Tarazona says

    Ronaldo the best. Why? well… see it yourself https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zo8BGUldEIc

  4. MD Moinul says

    বাংলাদেশের কে কে আছো মেসির ভক্তদের দেখতে চাই

  5. Craig Laycox says

    Messi is the highlander; truly " there can be only one"!

  6. Noo Phone says


  7. CountNerdcula83 says

    Messi is the Goat of Association Football he scores goals beautifully

  8. Ethan Diaz says

    I’ve watched almost every Messi video there is and I can never get enough of it. Insane

  9. pilar alucha says

    Siempre que paso por aquí lo vuelvo a ver, es un privilegio

  10. Business Man Mitch says

    The hardest thing about dribbling as many defenders as Messi does is not ruining out of breath lmao

  11. Blickysnfn says

    Damn these qre highlights?! Coming from a boxer…

  12. cu tin tin says

    Chi co so 10 moi lam duoc dieu nay

  13. AGA gamer FF says

    Messi the real 👑

  14. Md Ubaydullah says

    @bangla ig

  15. Md Ubaydullah says
  16. Beast Boy says

    I can be an amazing soccer player but unfortunately I never had a scout watch me play 🥺😭😭

  17. Elite Soccer Canada says

    This is great! We dedicated a video to this maestro! its 40 secs of pure gold @

  18. Pavan Lokhande says

    Great player in the world

  19. Hminghlumawia 1994 says

    Messi is No 1,2,3,..(4)Ronaldo.

  20. Niệm khúc cuối says

    Wonderful Messi 👌👌👌♥🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆

  21. Koesko says

    You’re really unlucky if you are born too late to see the two goats playing, messi and cristiano Ronaldo the two best players in the world.

  22. Cablan serge olivier Anoh says

    Simplement fabuleux

  23. Sanjay Shelar says

    Speed power stmina footwork free kick specialist messi class finishes nd frèe

  24. თამუნია TV says


  25. octavio ordoñez says

    Messi es un dios del football. Es indiscutiblemente y sin comparación el mejor jugador de todos los tiempos.

  26. Pablo Teti says

    Muy buena selección de jugadas y goles!

  27. soon djukian says

    Messi terhebat sejagat

  28. Given Lema says

    Ooooooh my godness me!!!!!

  29. Mc Faddy says

    100 years ago my ancestors said they saw Albert Einstein, True genius of our modern science and I replied " I saw a magician the true great of Modern Football Leo Messi."❤️

  30. Carlos Cervantes says

    Alguien alguna vez a mirado un gol asi del mentado cr7

  31. Mihran Akram says

    I think the Argentinian commentator crapped in his pants

  32. As G says

    All time king

  33. Parak Baraak says

    Messi world no 1.

  34. Parak Baraak says

    1.50. என்ன ஜாலம் என்ன ஒரு அற்புதம்….. கோ…கோ…. கோ ….ல். தமிழன்டா..

  35. Parak Baraak says

    வாவ் ஃபேன்டாஸ்டிக் வாட் எ ேகால் மெஸ்ஸி இஸ் மெஸ்ஸி ஆல் வேஸ் அஹட்.தமிழன்டா

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