Lionel Messi – The GOAT – Official Movie


Lionel Messi is for almost every football expert the greatest football of all-time: the GOAT. He has been dominating the world of football for over a decade. He is not just an unreal goalscorer and dribbler, but as well the best playmaker. In this video we go back to the beginning of his professional career and start to relive his full career with all of his magical moments.


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MagicalMessi – as magical as Messi

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  1. MagicalMessi says

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  2. Venkat Venkat says

    I'm still remember "Remember the name"

  3. Daniel Angelina says

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  4. Andikasoe says

    The thumbnail was epic!

  5. KNIGHT says

    If argentina could have just one great goal keeper then i am damn sure he could have won a world cup

  6. i rock says

    did ibrahimovic actually say that messi was the greatest footballer of all time ?

  7. Baranbssr says

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  8. Saikat Shome says

    Don't say cr7 is the best of the planet numbers dosnt lie

  9. Axel Moonwalker says

    Los comentarios de mbappe y otros, son más falsos nisiquiera dijeron que "messi es el mejor" que pena que hagan videos así jaja

  10. AZEL says

    Hes a sheep

  11. Βασιλης Λαμπρης says

    Amazing video. I admire your job

  12. ngaihtea renthlei says

    cr7 King of fot bol

  13. Computer Technology says
  14. Computer Technology says

    Enjoyed very well done

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  15. toby mccoconut says

    Messi number 5 on my best of all time list 😅
    5. Messi
    2. Maradona
    1. CR7

  16. Phoenix says

    Ronaldo is better than Messi

  17. Dord says

    Ok messi is great.
    But Argentina needs some serious players.
    I don't think messi will ever get closure.
    Just one international trophy is enough to shut up everyone.
    Just one.

  18. Torik da silva says

    Iam cry😢,I love my idol LM10😍

  19. kagaudai kc says

    "Maturity is when u realised that Messi is the best but still respect Ronaldo and admired him." Respect and love them both, people.😤

  20. Dre Johnson says

    Mbappe said Ronaldo since he is Mpappes idol

  21. Beef Jerky says

    we need that littel man again

  22. anantha padmanabhan says

    No doubt why Ronald's son is GOAT's fan

  23. Nick says

    He doesn't need an empty cup to prove he is the best, beacuse he is !

  24. Extra K says

    ronaldo trained him self to be great, messi is natural born player.. that is the only diference

  25. Νίκος Νικούλης says

    most of the footballers are uneducated and this justifies their behavior. Due to their selfishness they can not tolerate other footballers with great talent like messi

  26. Derek Sanchez says

    Mi nombre es lionel no miento

  27. samarth vanpariya says

    messi thats it use this word when you see something extraordinary,unexpected,unbelievable etc

  28. GeorgeK says

    Meh! Not the goat! Messi is a Great player for sure but ….. NOT THE GOAT! Messi's hero was the GOAT – Ronaldo!!!

  29. Mahesh mahie says

    Messi means football
    Football means messi

  30. TARIK MOUNIH says

    Messi is better than CR7 TBH!

  31. AB EditzHD says

    Ahh I miss those good old days

  32. Mujahid Katumba says

    Nasty Madrid players

  33. Eduseem says

    shame on you real madrid

  34. I like yo cut g Rankster says

    Get him on man c

  35. John Cairns says

    but can he do it on a cold rainy night in stoke

  36. Uru yutú says

    Merecía todos los balones de Oro menos en un año que anduvo bajo él y el barza, después eran todos de él, pero bue, hoy el futbol mueve mucho dinero y marketing.

  37. Tony Kims says

    no one can replace him

  38. mokaolo mabitsela says


  39. Gustavo Abreu says


  40. Leif Darnell says

    good movie love Messi!

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