1. SportsHD says

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  2. Станислав Заболотских says

    С переводом все плохо!!!! Галимый канал, обман !!!!!

  3. RealMaxx Fc says

    Messi é Foda Mais Puta Que Pariu Nos Gols Do Cr7 kkk So Golaço De Td Qnt e Jeito ?

  4. unknown says

    this video would be so perfect without the bullshit ass background music just commentators and thats all i wanna hear .. why all these football videos got that terrible music tho but great video ?

  5. madmax7304 says

    Seeing Messi play – pure joy. Seeing R7 play – pure business.

  6. morpheus glorious says

    Messi should be penalised for running with a ball stuck to his boots… How are defenders suppose to mark him. ?????

  7. Xamada Jamaac says


  8. sport 4k says

    please see my channelhttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_as0UVFdJEmbP3GQmur0Bw

  9. Khalida Tabbasam says

    Dont campare them

  10. Khalida Tabbasam says

    Bro simple is Messi isGod giftedAnd ronaldo is HardworkerAnd remember that hardworker always win

  11. Khalida Tabbasam says


  12. Spider Ousado says

    É incrível como um completa o outro. Como eu queria ver esses dois jogando juntos.

  13. Tajudin Tajudin says

    Messi steel best of the best naturaly player in the world…?

  14. Tajudin Tajudin says

    It's must player do'it like ronaldo,but not can do'it like messi…?

  15. Real Madrid CR7 says

    CR7 BEST


    Like = c. ronaldoComment = messi

  17. Rafael Fael says

    The best cr7 melhor do mundo ?

  18. jc Fos says

    Just : incredible!!! Wonderful!!! Extraordinary!!! Splendid!!!For ever?!…?????☝️???⚽

  19. ariel augusto sotar choque says

    ronaldo es un atleta. messi no. ronaldo tiene un poderoso remate con ambas piernas, ante tres rivales prefiere el remate. messi no tiene un buen remate con la izquierda menos con la derecha. ante tres rivales prefiere el dribbling y en eso es un maestro, puede driblear a cinco jugadores. ronaldo domina el aire con cabeza y chilenas, messi es mucho mejor en asistencias. en tiro libres messi patea inteligentemente y ronaldo demuestra su poder. ronaldo es mister champions. en la liga y copa del rey messi es el rey. en selecciones ronaldo demuestra que tiene mas agallas. maquiavelo tenia razon al decir que el fin no justifica los medios

  20. SANTOS S says

    Messi só faz gol em jogo nanico

  21. Hdufgfi Dudhckgi says

    I think Messi is the best football player than Ronaldo

  22. Merlin Baerwind says

    If you hate Messi,you love Ronaldo If you hate Ronaldo ,you love Messi But if you love both, you love football

  23. iqbal 04 says

    14:29 whoooo i like this goal!

  24. Sanogo Mohamed Diallo says

    Qui est cr7 Ronaldo ???

  25. Vishesh Deep says

    Who else wants like me to rename this channel as "Soccer HD!"?

  26. mehman taxmazov says

    Samiy lucsiy na vse vremena.A etot qadyuqa rukoy qol zabivayet i etoqo debila scitayut lucsim.Ronaldu zabil sotni takix qolov i niceqo.No bez ruk.Pele qde svoi qoli zabil.V Braziilii.A etot cempionat RAVEN NULYU PO SRAVNENII S BELARUS. A xuet mojno.Messi iqrayet v cempionate Ekvadora. HA HA HA HA HA

  27. Turkish Protector says

    4:24 rly

  28. afsaldurranihotmail says

    i have massive respect for messi. He is a better dribbler and a playmaker than CR7. but what CR7 did we cant compare it to messi. starting from sporting lisbon and going all the way to top is very different than messi's journey which started and will mostly end in Barca. different countries, diferent leagues, different players and styles and succeding everywhere that is the biggest asset of CR7 which messi lacked and in future that will be his biggest talking point. Respect to both

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