1. SportsHD says

    Hello cracks! 😎
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  2. River Shen says

    Pelé : they Challenge me?

  3. Yudi Gaona says

    El mejor de la historia cr7 triunfa en su club y celecsion eres

  4. Beatriz Felicia De Assis says

    Messi ❤

  5. Gaming MANIA says

    1:11 is what u came for

  6. Cüneyt nurdoğan says


  7. Amaluzz Animations says

    Messi fans like
    Ronaldo fans comment

  8. Saikat Shome says

    Sorry to say numbers dosnt lie… So don't say cr7 is the best…

  9. Saikat Shome says

    Can't stop Messi whole world knows if u wants to stop Messi u need whole team

  10. Đức khải Vũ says

    0:34😲 Ronaldo nice

  11. The Android User says


  12. alonso carrillo says

    Cuando estos dos grandes nos dejen, no será lo mismo :'( cuando hablan de estos dos grandes se me viene una sola palabra a la mente "rivalidad".

  13. Fernando Portillo says

    Ronaldo is the best soccer player I've ever seen he is my idol


    see here the best comparison between Cristiano and Messi https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5RJ8RBDoIkY&t=238s

  15. Mohammadreza Saedy says


  16. Swofd says

    messi is a great person, and a great player
    ronaldo is less of a great person, and in my opinion, less of a great player
    messi: assists and finishes
    ronaldo: barely assists, always finishes

  17. Agustin Rios says

    Messi the king

  18. Locos por el deporte says

    Sin duda Messi 10 veces mejor que Cristiano, pero no lo quieren ver fríamente.

  19. Miguel Ramírez says

    6:22 nunca CR7 tiene el reflejo de hacer esto

  20. Luis Eduardo Caribé Ferreira says

    Qm e do Br da 👍

  21. Akai Chophy says

    C. R is the best 👍

  22. Sam Collin says

    Im watching this for the 4th time now

  23. Daily Monkey Planet says

    Both of them are so wonderful players!

  24. eduardo cardenas yzarra says

    Edrdo!!=) relax

  25. DyrttKayt says

    Beautiful Beautiful, Just Beautiful. Two diferent styles, thats how number 7 and a number 10 plays. The Best of history.

  26. Hamz says


  27. XVI says

    0:55 I always wonder if someone is controlling Ronaldo like he is in fifa

  28. Peter Jensen says

    Messi, probably the best dribbler and passing-player the world has seen.
    Ronaldo, the overall most artistic scoring player the world has seen.

  29. Yash Punjabi says


  30. WWE, UFC,MMA says

    << Hello Everyone

  31. Adeel Akhani says

    Like lingardinho

    Comment Messi or Ronaldo

  32. maina mark says

    Messi is talent,ronaldo is effort

  33. Manyats T.L.S says

    Messi is great

  34. N Biyani says

    Messi is the most talented ever. Ronaldo is the most hardworking ever. For me messi is the GOAT because when you watch him, you cannot stop smiling because of the inhuman things he does week in and week out. For ronaldo, he is a different guy, the perfect striker, uses both feet, quick, scores with his head. Messi is the complete footabller and ronaldo is the complete striker.

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