Lionel Messi vs Physics


Lionel Messi is a miracle. Many times, he is the smallest player on the pitch, but he still performs like the tallest and strongest footballer. He never dives, he teases gravity, he does the impossible and he beats the laws of physics!

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  1. MagicalMessi says

    Dear subscribers
    I hope you are all safe! 
    I know it’s a tough time for everybody, but don’t worry I will keep uploading videos. 
    It‘s time to be responsible and stay at home. Only together we can turn this situation around as soon as possible. 


  2. freshtiwo galuh says

    Some of the defenders look surrender so ironic

  3. Rene Gonzalez says

    Es claro que este wey no es de este planeta simplemente el mejor, mejor que Ronaldo, mejor que Neymar, mejor que Maradona

  4. Fabio lima says

    The way he walked past players in water is unbelievable

  5. Qazi Imran says

    Anyone here who has played competitive soccer can easily tell that messi is something which is a pure God gifted player… U cant do tht with hardwork or drills or trainings… Its a pure gift of God… Lost for words

  6. Juan Banda says

    a ronaldo lo tocan ya esta como neymar🤣🤣🤣

  7. Roshan Ingle says

    I liked the thumnail though.. 😃😃 Marcelo.. 😂😂

  8. crazy videos vidhu dotz says

    What a man. Iam thank full to god because lam bone with his period. To see his magic. Goat

  9. A Z says

    Football by itself have a relationship with Messi .

  10. MJoy4Fun says

    Messi plays like a kid who plays fifa for the first time… he runs towards goal without passing… but he doesnt lose the ball…

    he is hacking

  11. felix4321ful says

    If Messi is a god/deity…then Ray Hudson is his chief priest….Shaman😂😂😂😂😂

  12. yunus Akmel says

    when i see lio messi i always laugh

  13. ExZ says

    The amount of times Ronaldo would’ve gone down if it was the other way round

  14. Student of the Game says

    Christ Jesus, what have I seen. What have you given us.

  15. Ricardo Evans says

    Exactly!!! It's not the statistics. How can you measure raw talent! Messi is amazing!!!

  16. Alejandro Magno says


  17. A Língua Dá Verba says

    Messi is classic man all around the world, looking in actual football

  18. helina love says

    Nice messi you do all because you are the G.O.A.T

  19. Rex M says

    The Scottish bloke is a crackup. Love his commentary!!

  20. Bianca Reynoso says

    Argentina pa

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