1. L2k n RoR says

    Who else enjoyed it?

  2. K. Sol y Arena says

    Who decided that bad techno music is going to be the music to go with football videos? Damn, I stop watching some of them because of the music…

  3. top na android play games says

    Ага смежно это мило

  4. CESAR LUQUE says

    El mejor jugador del mundo

  5. Goderena says

    anyone else have the song name ?

  6. Eliezer Perez says

    I would like to have had a father this loving! Money and fame doesnt care ! Thanks dude

  7. Yohan Biaou says

    Messi has been my idol since i was like 4

  8. NATHAN DRAKE says

    Love Leo ? ??

  9. Tunde Ballack says

    Looks like even his dog is wary of him, the dog has learned getting tight to messi when closing down is a no-no, as it seems not even a dog is immune to the rapid change of direction

  10. Stanley Alomba says

    For a second I thought the guy kneeling to messi at 9:08 was ronaldinho??

  11. pihoi hangsing says

    I don't know how i'll be once messi stops playing ????

  12. Mecha Meister says

    More like wholesome moment

  13. No one says

    not absurd but beautiful moments

  14. തൊരപ്പൻ കൊച്ചുണ്ണി says

    കരിക്ക് ad ?

  15. Ammar nawaz says

    The official barca channel has watched this!!

  16. Brooklyn Strauss says


  17. Ohene Peprah says

    Wrong title, everything thing in the video is so cute. Messi cutest moments as a title will have been better.

  18. Majid Maulidin says

    Lio messi

  19. Nathaniel and Liam Sorzano Chann says

    Messi was pororo

  20. m sadang sdc says

    Top bol

  21. Pavan Kumar says

    Man his dog looks like one from hunger games?

  22. Mimi Ose says

    It’s obvious Mateo is the comedian in his family ??

  23. david bonk says

    this man has won in life

  24. Fadhil Aghati says

    This channel is stealing from oh my goals

  25. ROY 77 says

    His greatness is so much that those silly things would also turn into precious jewels..!!

  26. Mohammed.Abdul. Muhaymin says

    how dare you insult about Lionel Messi. He is legend

  27. Biruk Adam says


  28. Sarthak Kumar says

    I am here just to watch mateo that kid is savage.

  29. Carmen Larraguibel says

    Gracias por los años de alegrias esperanzas !!!!Merci car ces années seront que des souvenirs bientôt Bonheur et longue vie

  30. Fatma Abdullah says

    It should be messi

  31. appu.kb kb says

    Mateo has a footbal vibe than thiago

  32. Frankii López Yáñez says

    08:50 Ronaldinho??

  33. jeje yay says

    MeSsi I love you so much very much?❤️????

  34. Mr A says

    I love this person not because he is the best player in the world but as a good human being.????

  35. Rolando juchuna says

    Que hermosa familia porque mi padre nunca fue amoroso


    I like messi and his family❤️❤️❤️

  37. Charles Cardenas says


  38. Bakor Mawlong says

    noce mesi

  39. T-Guer Rong says

    Mw vin swiv ou map tann ou bak SVP bro

  40. Bilal Saleh says


  41. Dna Sunuwar says


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