1. Swift Click says

    This Is genious

  2. Terrence Gunther says

    Big Fan x

  3. Thanh Nguyen says

    0:54 Michael Jackson???

  4. Barney The spaceasorus Woke - REEEx says

    If you ever plan to do a sequel to this video, i would highly recommend that you the part of Black Sabbath by Black Sabbath that goes "Watches those flames get higher and higher", for the scene in "Star Wars : The Last Jedi' when Yoda and Luke Skywalker watch the ancient Jedi text burn.

  5. Alexandra De Guzman says

    I lost it with the Phil Collins song

  6. Geo D says

    Another masterpiece.

  7. Thanh Nguyen says

    1:48 music please

  8. Mayur jain says

    Hilarious 😂😂😂

  9. MLG R8DR805 says

    First one wasn't that bad.

  10. Sarah H says

    WE. WANT. MORE. 🙂

  11. Tokkem Mao says

    music 0:10? 1:55? thanx

  12. Leonard Preiss says

    I love your work keep it up man!!!!

  13. BlazeBVloggin says

    Dang…I actually got chills at 1:50 😂

  14. Elora Maxwell says

    More of this.

  15. Tia Aaron says


  16. TheNintenBits says

    This was glorious

  17. zef trap music says

    You should post more often

  18. CrAzYgAMeVIdeOS says

    too cool

  19. jmcclannen 0421 says


  20. Ankit Nandu says


  21. MOGLI SQUAD says

    Interesting but funny

  22. Belhassen Haythem says

    It's dumb and funny in the same time ! i love this one

  23. b i s e n t e says


  24. Anis Elkadiri says

    Of course MJ is in there! Love it! Glad ur back in action 🙂

  25. Nivranshu Bir Shahi says

    Love ur vids

  26. Kaushik Editz says


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