1. Jeff’s Marker says


  2. Lorraine Rillo says

    tht's fuzzin amazing……

  3. Lorincz Akos says

    @TheUmbrellaFiles u have to find them thats all

  4. wan mohd nazeem says

    cool song man

  5. MrLalo1231336 says

    u know what song should be tight kid cudi ghost mac miller up all these songs pitbull pap americano wisin yandel some great song form the artist and black eye peas i want to make these song little big planet 2 i just gotta know how to use to these game i don't play it a lot i just play black ops thats the only game i play i don't know what to do i probably find a way to do some songs like this

  6. XtremeGamer4life says

    Someone needs to import this song to LBP2, this one from the beta is so much better than the crappy one going around lbp2 now. Message me if your able to copy it over from the beta and I'll mention you in my next hit level while featuring this song, thx, PSN~ Xtremegamer101

  7. zzmorg82 says

    @404040c You can't -_-

  8. 404040c says

    @zzmorg82 nah shit i meant like how can you download a real beat mp3 im new to this game

  9. zzmorg82 says

    @404040c He made it 🙂

  10. 404040c says

    how do u upload beats like thaton your stage

  11. Garrus Vakarian says

    Anyone add me 😀 Sneakz00 I'm looking for some fun people to build/chat/lol with

  12. TheCrustiCroc says


  13. kappa kappa says

    @SpartanJose777 almost nothing you dont have to make it like lbp1 just using music sequencer

  14. Martino DEBUICHE says

    BRAVO !!!

  15. Crashalot says

    so awsome

  16. Gabby Mendoza says

    Im a Korean by Rucka Rucka Ali

  17. Sunny Aa says

    : O

  18. Kaemer() says

    @Poopwielder – Kay, thanks!

  19. Lucas Irwin says

    makes me think of im a kereon 😛

  20. Kaemer() says

    How do you get the Sackbot costume?

    Or should I say, where do you get it?

  21. ALAN123456789PEREZ says


  22. Red Mage says

    @MrPIDAY1 Congratulations, you've taught me how to count one number higher. I shall use this skill to become a BAWS, just like the person who made this jizz-in-my-pants worthy video. Thank you,

  23. Daniel Arizpe says

    @TheGrumpyMage ahem……nooooo dont umean 508…. GET UR NUMBERS RITE!!!

  24. Red Mage says

    @MrPIDAY1 Surely, you can see that its really 507, right?

  25. Marco Wondres says

    Soory, but I like it so much, that i kill my again button!

  26. Malcolm Sutcliffe says


  27. Daniel Arizpe says

    @MetallicaMan16 I think u mean 502 right?

  28. supersam261 says


  29. C R says

    you surely mean 501

  30. Daniel Arizpe says

    @barofsnickers u mean 499 now?? =D

  31. Hannah D says

    awesome 🙂

  32. Daniel Arizpe says

    @MegaZelda18 u mean 497 now?? =D lol

  33. MrPSboss says

    Still better that Ke$ha!

  34. TheEpicTurban says

    lpb2 is so cute

  35. vanthursday says

    Its a karaoke!!! XD

  36. cvbbot ­ says

    nice pedobear with sombrero character XD

  37. UltraPlayerXD says


  38. Johnny Leyenda says

    Yeah, me too. Sadly I never has the chance to learn how to play the piano or other instruments, so it's kinda hard for me to get some catchy tunes going.

  39. Azzer Zzera says

    @shello700 To now 18 😉

  40. Yaseen Azzabi says

    This is what I would think a professional instrumental/Tune of I gotta feeling if I heard it on MP players, without this video, only with some editing

  41. pandabard says

    @mtlaxerman Musical knowledge

  42. Dxpress says


  43. Elevendy says

    So… Gonna let me have the level and make me get me more a feeling :3

  44. Jacob Steiner says

    17 people CANT get the feeling.

  45. LookItsJonathan1 says

    @coolman1474 Yeah You Can Use A camera. . .Movie Camera And Game camera

  46. Roy Cramer says

    @SASunit1 Try making music in COD, see how far you go. 😀

  47. NotPudga says


  48. Bigcheecho says

    @shello700 Make that 428.

  49. MegaYallow says

    @SASunit1 I'm sorry that u can actually consider such a butthurt opinion as a comment.

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