LittleBigPlanet 2 Music – The Rush of Battle


A song I wrote in LittleBigPlanet 2 that I used for the boss fight in my level Maximum Carnage.

This is a variation of “Bunny Metal” that I created in the beta. You can earn this song for use ingame by completing the level Maximum Carnage.

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  1. Spooky Bones says


  2. iTzCLeThRa says

    you sir, are amazing

  3. LittleBigPlanet OST says

    Indeed, this sounds really like force your way

  4. Roy Cramer says

    @MrFoofles an afternoon. Usually takes me that time to make one song half as good.

  5. pokepickachu says

    This song sounds like
    "force your way" from final fantasy"

  6. David Marchand says

    0_o you made corridors of madness? you are so epic.

  7. Frogfish999 says

    Um, could you show us how to make a menu that does things, not just the basis like the other tutorial

  8. ZeroZ30o says

    @eenayeah: You enter in the blue, you active a magnetic key, the ornage Portal detects it and emit a sackbot out of itself.
    Oh, and the blue Portal destroy you.

    PSN ID: ZeroZ30o (I created a Portal level -not published- which capts velocity).

  9. eenayeah says

    I have a question on the level we've all seen before. I know you're smart enough to know this. How was the Portal level made? You know, shoot Blue, shoot Orange, go in Blue, come out of Orange, go in Orange come out of Blue. That looks crazy, I just don't understand it, not a percent of it.

  10. MrFoofles says

    @izachROCKS It doesn't really take me long at all once I've got it going. I think I composed all of corridors of madness's new songs in an afternoon, as well as a lot of songs that didnt' make the cut.

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