1. Joe Doe says


  2. Joe Doe says

    Date today july 27 2020This is breaking news ha!

  3. Dalton Fury says

    President Trump has got to be one of the greatest political leaders I have ever seen of my generation. And he's never held office before not once he was real estate TV personality and then president and they hate him because that's what they do they lie and they hate and they want to destroy our very foundation. They are actually are deluded themselves into believing that our military will follow an anti-American movement. Delusional fake news and the rest of the media Networks the twist half-truths in spread lies fake polls it's garbage and on November 3rd they're all going to be crying like whiny little girls.

  4. SAAD Mehmood says

    Love for tayyab Ardagan from Kashmir

  5. Aziz Abrar says

    How come no one is saying anything why Erdowan Tayib is here? It's the issue of Libya! Turkey and Egypt are threatening to go to war with each other on Libya's issue.

  6. Richard Billy says

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  7. fibn networktvnews says


  8. Mercy Salami says

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  9. High standards says

    No room on air force1?

  10. Frostie Frost says

    I see we are going back to right where we were before the impeachment..

  11. kayla ludovic says

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  12. Pamala Botts says

    This person is "A threat to domestic tranquility" and america is under Divine Chastisement !! Read "100 Years of Lynching" and "Bury my Heart at Wounded Knee"

  13. Gertrude Barkin says

    7⬇️)T,. The

  14. delritmo la clave says


  15. delritmo la clave says


  16. delritmo la clave says


  17. Michael Heider says

    Erduan is as bad as it gets

  18. Redwan Ahmed says

    We are in a world where the low class are in minister and president chairs.

  19. Redwan Ahmed says

    Trump can't deliver speech even

  20. 4Gnet Mail says

    Wouldn't trust this Slimball Dictator further than you could kick him.

  21. berkslaw says

    This guy don't know NUTHIN'!

  22. Muzammil Chaudhry says

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  23. This Guy says

    0:02 "I wanna begin by spreading CoVid trans continental with an infection to my fellow dictatorial leader who I have brow-beaten into submission so he doesn't wear a mask despite the defined good it would do him and his whole country". Thank you murica for sharing the CoVid Love abroad.

  24. MZ pollyannaprissypants says

    Dear Donald J Trump I think you are walking pos. Oh and a Racist. You are not my President just the dude in the White House. Disgusting

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